Steam Sale.

The boyf alerted me to the sale on Steam a little late, with only 2 days left before school starts officially.

Not that my almost 5 year old PC can handle much of the recent games nowadays too. However, I bought approximately 30USD worth of games – it should last me till the next crazy sale Steam decides to have.

Also, it is officially the 2nd day of 2011! We spent the first day wandering around Vivocity and sitting at Starbucks for almost 2 hours, playing Game Dev Story on my phone. Had dinner at Capricci (OMG SO GOOOOD) and went home, for me to stay in bed to continue playing Game Dev Story in bed.

It is that good. :P

Running a little low on number of words because the mind is terribly distracted by the fact that my newly purchased games are downloading and installing themselves into the computer. Perhaps I should go check on their process.

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