The Daily Post.

As part of my new 2011 unmentioned resolutions (i.e. I think about it actively, but I don’t put it down on virtual ink. I’m such a coward ass, don’t you know – the uneasy unwillingness to commit, hence not putting it down.) – I would like to blog more actively, challenge myself to think and reflect more, or I could just verbal diarrhoea more.

Coincidentally, WordPress has started a blogging motivation campaign at The Daily Post at

So, I aim to blog once a day, if not once a week – so that I won’t disappear from the face of this planet and nobody except my beloved soft toys would know that I’ve fallen in between the creaks of my table, and I can still try and think consciously on my part.

School started today, you know? Barely surviving with a lack of voice. The voice has not been used at that volume for the last two months.

Oh boy I miss the last two months already. 10 more months to that glorious two months.

The first day of school was as usual, a mad house. Everybody, students and teachers alike, were flying everywhere all the time. Papers were thrown and passed around repeatedly, administrative work was done across the school level. Lessons start tomorrow.

After a long hard day of doing administrative work with the class, I’m actually beginning to think that my 6 x 45mins periods day tomorrow is a blessing in disguise, even though it is my heaviest day of the week and I barely have any breaks tomorrow. At least I get to move around, you know. Hooray, all my classes for this year will be on the second floor. No more rushing for the lift/climbing two levels upwards to the fourth floor for classes!

Am really glad for materials pre-prepared, so that I can spend more time thinking on delivery and methods of teaching. There’s still work to be done, I’ll do them bit by bit. As a matter of fact, I shall go schedule it in my calendar, just in case I forget about it.



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