For once on a school night,

I am going to launch a game that I bought post Christmas from Steam.

Plus, I also just got some books for my Kindle! Of which, one of them is the highly discussed – Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother.

If you haven’t read her excerpt yet – you must be living in a well. I sampled her book on my Kindle for PC and I think I’m going to read it more for entertainment, rather than taking her seriously.

To be honest, she has successfully done what she probably set out to do when her publisher and her chose that particular excerpt to be published – it has created much waves and has driven curious people (like me) to get the book to read it. Kindle e-book, of course.

I’ve got a fellow colleague to swoon over the Kindle with me, she just got one of hers!

Hooray to more people with Kindles!

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