I thought I was feeling alright today, until I got home and sunk into my chair. My brain officially went into shutdown.

The past few weeks have been madness – work work work, plenty of worksheets to mark. mark mark mark mark mark. Am feeling so tired, I don’t even want to do anything tonight. Technically, I could do that, but I’ve got a lesson package to design (even though the deadline seems nowhere in sight). I want to just do nothing for a night. However, I still brought work back to mark. :|

I’ve been trying extremely hard to stay on top of things and I’m glad that I’ve been able to do that for the last 4 weeks. I just need to try and sustain it for the year.

Zack introduced me to this song today while we were in the staffroom:

Bruno Mars covering Katy Perry’s California Girls

I must say, he sounds pretty good! He is quite a good singer though, I must admit. Wanted to show it to my kids after that, but we got carried away with school work and lesson teaching. Some of my students gave me their work automatically today, without me having to chase them and I felt so touched. Awwww.

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