The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau

It was a really fun movie. It had the elements of various genres, one part romance, one part depth, one part thriller, one part comedy and one part science fiction. It attempts to make you think, in a more subtle way than Inception. Inception throws the idea of “planting an idea in one’s mind” at you. The Adjustment Bureau, however, makes you wonder in passing moments, about free will, fate and chance.

I went in expecting nothing more than a mere thriller, having the briefest of an idea what the movie was about. I came out really excited about it.

<Spoiler – Highlight to read the spoiler if you’re interested! >

Totally loved the part when Thompson said “We stood back and humanity gave us the Dark Ages. We stepped in and gave you culture, Renaissance .. the Science Revolution. We left again in 1910, and within 50 years you gave the world World War I, followed by the Great Depression, the Holocaust, World War II and the Cuban missile crisis.”

<End of spoiler>

It’s a much recommended watch if you have the time! It made my Saturday a very good one, what with finding my perfect pretty digital watch (to replace the old), shopping to find school-appropriate sports attire, and having a good hearty dinner at the Esplanade.

Loving #livinglife, and my new blog theme!

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