The month of April

has not been a particularly good month.

Work keeps piling, and after I clear one round of them, another one comes in. Term 2 is especially bad because of the supplementary lessons after school. It drains me out by mid week, leaving me exhausted for the rest of the week. There’s barely enough time to breathe during the weekend, amidst all that work.

Life really shouldn’t be like this. It really shouldn’t. Whatever resolutions I told myself at the start of the year, I seemed to have flung them out of the window. I suck at keeping up with close friends’ recent happenings and all I want to do in the evening is to sleep, which I can’t – due to the amount of work and marking present, that I keep lugging around.

When would all of these end, as an educator locally?

There has got to be time for us to think about our teachings and our lessons, instead of rushing everywhere and expending our time on matters that actually don’t really matter. Instead, we find ourselves barely even having time to rest our dreary souls.

The month of April is denying me the life I really want to have, outside work.

I need to stop, regroup and rethink.


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