This gorgeous little baby is mine! 

(Ardent) Singaporeans have waited long and hard for it – only to find its quiet announcement in Digital Life, a weekly staple for most geeks and nerds. More nerds actually. It was so quiet, it could have been easily missed! There was no announcement on the cover, but it took centrefold (if I didn’t remember wrongly as said paper is currently in the bin, somewhere) – but I literally squealed when I saw it in the papers and my heart stopped for that split second.

I’m not kidding.

So when I made my way down to Funan Challenger over the last long weekend (2 more long weekends to come!) to suss it out in person, there were only six pieces left over all Challenger outlets in Singapore. It made me wonder how many pieces Motorola brought in.

Six friggin pieces, you’d say. 3 of them were sold in the half hour I spent there, hopping from the Acer Iconia Tab A500 (which was 100 bucks cheaper but I really didn’t like its top and bottom silver bezel) to the Xoom.

Half hour later, and 3 last pieces to go – I bought the third last piece Challenger had. I reasoned to myself – if I chose to walk away that very day, and left Challenger empty handed, I’ll probably eventually not get it. However, I’ve been salivating over it since I watched its Superbowl advertisement:

I walked away $878 poorer, but a happier and easily excitable girl. My colleagues laughed at me for squealing in the office, but I don’t care. Honeycomb is truly gorgeous with tons of widgets to boot. The Xoom has fantastic technology specifications and running intensive graphic games are a breeze. The Honeycomb apps (like Pulse, CNN, Youtube) have amazing interfaces, making full use of the hardware provided, and capabilities of the software included.

I find myself ingesting more information by the minute, and deriving true pleasure out from the Xoom. I spend an hour in bed everyday now, playing with its interface, and reading information, watching videos in bed.

To put it plainly, Honeycomb and the Xoom is a nerd’s dream come true. It’s not one for the masses. The general masses don’t want to play and explore its adaptability – they just want to take it as it is. My Android boys in the office and I exchange information almost on a daily basis – on which apps allow us to modify the screens and homepages (2 Nexus Ones and 1 HTC Desire – rooted). They can’t wait to see the Xoom, and I can’t wait to bring it to the office, once I get the relevant accessories of course. The lack of full Honeycomb Apps is of course a drawback, but with more Honeycomb tablets coming up, I’m not worried about it staying the current status quo. Like the original Android market, it will grow and eventually blossom.

In the meantime, I’m thoroughly happy with Google, Motorola and Honeycomb.

Am I worried that I’ll never get updates? Not really. The Xoom is the world’s first Honeycomb tablet – it’s full Google with no Motorola overlay. Any updates to Honeycomb, the Xoom will get it first. So I know there are Motorola naysayers out there, but because it’s the first – nah, I’m not worried.

Yay Xoom!

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One thought on “Xoom!

  1. hui ru says:

    you tempt me.

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