Summer Movie #1: Thor

We caught it last night, after a nice leisurely dinner at Sushi Tei, Vivocity.

I enjoyed it much, with IMDB rating it 7.6/10, and Metacritic rating of 53 (barely a pass actually).

It’s your typical summer Hollywood movie, alot of action, little storyline. I liked it for its action (though not enough), and the contrasting of the warriors and the mortals. Imagine Thor (Chris Hemsworth) speaking in the King’s English, to Mortal Jane’s standard American way of talking. Rather amusing, I must say.

The movie was peppered with humour bits, and it made the entire theatre laugh out loud. Small occasions reminded us that it was a Marvel movie, with mention of Stark (Iron Man) and Agent Phil Coulsen. Of course I bugged BX post-movie to remind me of the difference between Marvel characters and DC characters. We even spotted Hawkeye as a cameo in the movie, working with S.H.I.E.L.D! Spoiler much?

Go in with the expectations of enjoying a superhero action movie, and I think you should like it. I wonder what our next movie will be. Perhaps I can convince him to watch some chicklit fluff (Something Borrowed) with me. Teehee.

For the entire list of summer movies that I am eagerly anticipating, with their Singapore release dates, you can refer to the list I just did up here!

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