Full-screen Loves.

Wow. I love the new fullscreen writing – it allows me to focus entirely on the writing, without the clutter and everything else! I love the bit where everything fades away while I write, and then it comes back on when I move my mouse in search for certain icons or functions. Much loves to WordPress! I can’t imagine blogging without WordPress – the developers are absolute darlings. :) They even give me my word count now!

Back in school on a Saturday morning – waiting for the students to come back while doing some work. Have completed quite abit, and am currently wondering if I should do some marking or bum around. I do have the bulk of next week to do it as well. Hmms.

The month of May has been rather eventful so far. After Thor in the first week, I’ve caught Sara Bareilles live at the Esplanade! And trust me, she was AWESOME (at the rate of sounding like my teenage students – gasp)!

She was really really good. I went with a tired soul, but I left Esplanade feeling like an excited fan, all crazy and wanted more of her performances. Lovely singer, lovely charming artiste, wonderful wonderful vocals. Made me wanted to go for more musical performances.

There was one weekend where we went to East Coast Park in the late afternoon, to people watch and stroll by the beach. BX was busy with his camera, and I took my Kindle out to read, while sipping on a lousy Coke Freeze by Burger King, and people watched at the same time. It was really nice. Made me wanted to bring a picnic mat and all to East Coast for one day, lay there and watch the world go by. Of course, I was eyeing the adorable dogs and contemplating dog-napping them, but BX put a stop to it by saying that I probably would be dragged by those huge dogs instead. Pouts. We then retreated to Two Fat Men along East Coast Road and made use of our Groupon (yes we’ve been watching them closely!) and had a pretty nice Western / Thai meal there.

And oh, all thanks to the red ants at East Coast (and me stepping on a red ant hill, apparently) – my right foot swelled up ugly for the next week and I had a tough time moving around. Was rather frustrated by it.

There was another weekend when we watched Fast and Furious on a whim (oh I loved that movie – Jershey Shore meets Ocean Eleven haha! Reminded me of the Italian Job.), and BX accompanied me to Funan where I bought a screen protector and casing for my Xoomie. It was also around that time when he laughed at me (AT ME!) on my rules for naming my toys (be it geek, or soft). They seem to all end with ie. Pah.

I have been taking time out to live life a little, and I am glad for them.  This year, it’s all about making sure I have time to myself, and of course, get work done on time. :)


2 thoughts on “Full-screen Loves.

  1. hui ru says:

    something a bit more random – do we get a raise upon finishing NIE?

  2. na says:

    Yeaps! But not much, as usual. :P

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