Bali: A question mark.

Frankly, it didn’t feel like a holiday. I was disappointed with Bali. Going with no expectations already set the bar really low, and it managed to even sink lower.

The whole of Bali felt like a tourist trap. All the to-go-places could be gorgeous, except for the fact that money was collected everywhere and anywhere. Our driver didn’t understand the meaning of “good and cheap“. Despite several reminders, he brought us to places that were flooded with angmohs, with expensive food. Can you imagine – per meal was about 14SGD? I’d expect lower prices since it’s Indonesia. I almost wanted to rip his head off.

Honestly, the only good part about the trip was BX’s company. Granted, I yelled at him when everything overwhelmed at the point where our driver served BX’s needs over mine (and was about to carrot chop us over water sports activities AGAIN) – but I was thankful he was there every minute. Really thankful. Did I mention, Floppie was there too? Teehee. I always loved coming back to the villa everyday and see Floppie propped upright against the white pillows. The villa staff must be giving Floppie some loves too. Hehe.

We got to see some gorgeous scenery (volcanoes and rice fields!), one damn gorgeous surfers’ beach which was so out of the way I think the driver wanted to curse his head off when BX insisted we go there (after his research that it was secluded and had daybeds to boot). However, after this really short trip, I don’t foresee us returning in the near future.

I’m not sure why people are so enamored by Bali. The way to travel there is not by car, neither is it by foot. The best way to travel would be by motorcycle, where you can afford the luxury to stop anywhere and everywhere you’d like – because the places to go to are far and apart. Walking is almost impossible (except in Semiyak and Kuta), and by car you’ll just see many things in the passing.

Next summer – I’m either going back to Taiwan, Hualien or Krabi. I’ve been dreaming about 被浪打到 and Amari Vogue for ages. Like AGES.

And I realised one thing during this trip. I don’t like my horizon at the beach to be littered with ships in the far background. Perhaps that may explain my love for the Krabi beaches, and 被浪打到, and more recently, Balangan Beach. This will also explain the no love for Singapore beaches and Nusa Dua, Bali. Something for me to note when I plan summer holidays in future. Hurhur.

Am really glad to be back in Singapore, and am so glad that I booked Pan Pacific for a staycation next weekend in prep for the new Term (that is starting in just 1.5 weeks time!).


2 thoughts on “Bali: A question mark.

  1. bubbles says:

    Yea! I’ve been missing Taiwan recently too! All the good food by the road sides.

    Am thinking about the Kou Rou Fan just before we went to Alishan… where was it?

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