Friday, 17 June 2011.

Worked. Lunched. Collected Lune cables from Kevin, Null Audio. Enjoyed cables and travelled to town. Read on the Kindle. Stopped at Kino to buy Entertainment Weekly, enjoyed 20% off. Travelled to Suntec Starbucks. Read on the Kindle. Had cake and Dark Mocha. Worked. Thought about exam paper setting. People watched. Waiting for BX to turn up for Beerfest Asia in the evening.

Such is holidays. :)

I’ll find a day or two to brunch before school picks up its pace next week. Meeting the doctor girls next Monday evening. Considering popping by ST’s office for lunch on Monday. Need to set aside time for Brandon. Need to set papers next week (or perhaps, this week). Need to draw up lesson plan for reopening of school. Need to remind TF and Roo about Into the Woods and Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings. Need to find date for Lion King. Contemplates on getting ticket to watch Benson’s crosstalk on 1 July (wonders if anyone would be interested?).

Need to think of what else to do in preparation for re-opening of school.

Holidays come and go too quickly, way too quickly for my liking. Am pretty excited at the fact that Shuz is joining the service. One more teacher-close-friend to go travelling with!

Awesomeness! (I totally sound like my student right now. Pffft.)


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