Running out

of theatre-goers to watch productions with. Frustrated. Contemplates going alone.

For the later half of the year, we have the following:

1. We Sing Our Songs – 2 July, 6pm [tickets purchased]

2. Lion King – (Until 31 July)
I can’t believe I still haven’t watched them yet?! 

3. An Ode to Penguin – an exhibition housed at the Arts House, featuring some 1065 individual unique Penguin book covers as well as other Penguin memorabilia. (8 – 16 July – skipped)

4. Pluck – 17 July, 3pm [tickets purchased]

We saw them once during Esplanade’s Flipside and they were hilarious. Now they’re coming back and I am going to watch them again!

5. Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings (6 – 17 July)


6. Into the Woods (29 July – 7 August) [tickets purchased!]


7. Man Singapore Theater Festival – Cooling Off Day (10 – 14 August)

8. Man Singapore Theatre Festival – Family Outing (17 – 21 August)

I’ll figure something out. I will.


4 thoughts on “Running out

  1. hui ru says:

    well, i did say i’m up for beauty kings and into the woods, and me going with jinx is conditional on tienfa going with you..

  2. hui ru says:

    also, family outing seems interesting.

    • na says:

      Yea it does look interesting, but I’m wondering if I should narrow down selections somemore.. Feels like an overkill, plus it’s going to be prelims period around that time.

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