Absence from here.

Odd, isn’t it.

I never thought I’ll not blog for such a long time. Problem is, I have been frequenting my own blog (for what reasons, I have no clue). Truth be told, I think I lack inspiration.


Yes I know, we’re back to the same old circle.

Life has been good to me, having time for myself, being able to read and go out over the weekends (by making up for it on weekdays) but nothing major has been happening. I could talk about work, but I’d rather not. I could talk about the summer movies that we’ve been catching (oooh HP7!) but I’m not sure if people could stand me yapping on about movies all day long.

Fall season tv has not started yet either, so I’ve been trudging along life with magazines, good reads on the Kindle and some most horrible summer tv that I didn’t think I’d follow (re: Big Brother).

I stumbled upon my August National Day long weekend entry last year and I had planned so much. This time, I didn’t even give much thought to it – gosh. I’m just looking forward to it, or rather, looking forward to my prelim marking coming in before that so that I can clear it before I do _____________ over the long weekend.

I can’t even fill in that blank myself.

I need to be more inspired, more stimulated. I can’t let the brain degenerate and remain stagnant. It needs to start moving and be alive!

I think I need to give myself a project. I don’t want to slip into the routine of work, home, food and sleep and plays/musicals and sleep. There has to be a cheaper alternative to that. I need to find that groove back (if I even had it in the first place).

I need to think very hard.

On a lighter note, I bought myself a soft cover moleskin for 2011/2012! I couldn’t help it when I was at Kino and couldn’t resist the temptation of owning a paper journal. Been using it to scribble daily thoughts – need to be more consistent with that. I haven’t done that for the past 3 days. The new moleskin series for 2011/2012 is droolworthy. Peanut should check it out. The clip on pens are most salivating, but they also burn a huge hole in the pocket. Had it not been so expensive, I would have been a proud owner of it by now.

One can only wish, can’t I?


3 thoughts on “Absence from here.

  1. bubbles says:

    You’re not doing this to me!

  2. bubbles says:

    Oh btw, I’m back late august till next april! :D

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