Roktoberfest @ Timbre

became a normal Timbre session because the boy made reservations for the indoor seating – which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

But first, let’s start the awfully nice day in sequence.

1. Kino 20% members sale. Mad crowds mad queues. Initially, I only picked up Wired UK. However the 20% encouraged further spending and I ended up with more (ahems a fair bit more). Joined the crazy queue (thank god the queue was moving very quickly) and was spotted by Tok and his female friend (whom I teased about after via texts).

2. Robert Timms late coffee. We wanted to get some food to settle the stomach, in anticipation of the beer guzzling session tonight at Timbre, plus we had spare time. Hence we lounged at Robert Timms, hooked the Xoom to Wireless@Sg and played with it. The drinks were overly sweet – avoid the iced mocha if you don’t like your mochas too sweet.

3. Timbre session. The highlight of the evening where I joined the boy and his boys for an original night planned for participating in Roktoberfest’s sausage eating and beer drinking competitions (if any) – but alas we realised that the reservations was for indoors and we eventually chose to stay in for the wider variety of food options. Erdingers beer was going for nett price, since it was the main sponsor for Timbre’s Roktoberfest. The techno music was driving us nuts, but we had some side entertainment with people dancing madly while waiting for Goodfellas to perform their music sets. Eventually Goodfellas took the stage and they wowed us away with their covers. I honestly wished we could have stayed longer. I’ll hit the Art House on Friday evenings in future – would love to stay throughout for their music!

Really enjoyed the day out – but we’ve been having too much outflow of money recently. Time to stay indoors, catch up with the tv and save money!

Next weekend – 53A with the colleagues at CM-PB! Absolutely can’t wait – it’ll be the end of the school year (with a few more weeks to the official holidays!)


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