Galaxy Nexus

This hot sexy baby is only coming to Singapore in January 2012.

Image from

Am officially sad. A little annoyed with self because I built myself into the excitement that it will launch in Singapore on 17 November, on par with Europe and Japan (while it being one week earlier than Verizon US). Now it will only come to Singapore shores January 2012.

I want you, so bad.

Contemplated the option of shipping it in from UK but the prices are insane. It will be ₤550, not inclusive of shipping and taxes. Way out of my budget – I’m trying to save, damnit! Besides, I would like to hold my telco ransom and demand they give me vouchers off my next recontract, since I’ve been staying with them for more than one year contract free.

Now I need to wait another 2 – 3 months. At this rate, the (hopefully Christmas present HINT HINT) Kindle Touch may just reach my hands earlier than this sexy baby.



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