Extremely annoyed with self.

I lost the Arc Mouse the boy gave me.

Extremely upset with self due to the following reasons:

  1. I lost something the boy gave me. The knowledge of that made me feel terribly awful.
  2. I lost something. I never lose things. Like, never. There was this one time where I thought I lost my wallet after gym, but as it turned out the wallet was actually stolen from me because the Clementi Police Station called me down to go get my wallet and cards.
  3. The missing Arc Touch wrecked my plans for the day.
Am extremely irritated with self. It just didn’t set the mood right for the day and I was pretty emo for the rest of the day. Am just very glad that I had time to myself, after leaving my cosy little corner to socialise and meet friends for the last 2 weeks or so.
I (honest to god) need time to myself. Perhaps I can find it tomorrow afternoon, after I leave school and before I go for facial in holland village, and before I meet the girls and bride-to-be in town for dinner. This weekend looks like a pretty packed one again.

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