December, the end of the end.

Before we all knew what hit us, December has dropped onto us.

The slogging through the entire year felt like eternity, but that trip to Melbourne (which I utterly loved) flew by in a flash. Didn’t they always say, painful times linger but good times roll by too quickly?

I guess that happened.

Many things happened since my last entry.

1. We finally chose our unit.

Lake Vista - Courtesy of DJ Property


Things are still up in the air, despite the fact that we’ve chosen the unit, and paid up 5% (oh woe me, broke girl) of the purchase price – we’re still awaiting the final final confirmation of signing the agreement before we can proudly announce the fact that we’re heavily in debt. It’s insanely scary, especially after you hear the price of our flat. Ask for details when we meet during December – I’m pretty sure I’ll see most of you this month. I will strive to see everyone this month.

2. Melbourne 2011

Ling & I had a terrific time in Melbourne. We went in, a little wary of one another, as we didn’t know each other’s travel habits. As it turned out, we went as good friends and came back as even better friends! Apparently, we can be pretty easy travel buddies, only if the other is an easy travel buddy as well. We shared the same bed for 5 nights and we didn’t kick each other off the bed. Also, we went on our separate ways for 2 days and we had fun going around ourselves too. It was really good fun, I must say.

Pictorial highlights will come when I finally lay my hands on Ling’s pictures as well. My camera has lost its charm over this trip – the colours did not turn out as good, despite the breathtaking scenery. Time to start looking and thinking of new cameras – probably the Sony Nex 7, considering that BX is in the Sony group and (oh!) I could technically get my cousin to help me get the Nex 7. The Nex 7 now may not look as pricey as it could be.


Can’t wait to see most of you this holidays, can’t wait to spend my holidays meaningfully. Time to master new (basic) skills, read more, watch more tv, listen to more music (and live music), sleep more, explore more cafes (and brunches), walk around Singapore and spend more time outdoors in the nature. Hopefully spend less money in the process (but it’s a tad hard, considering I’m eyeing a new phone – Galaxy Nexus, and a new camera – Nex 7!).

Not sure if I want 2012 to come any time soon. Time, please move slower!


4 thoughts on “December, the end of the end.

  1. Tok says:

    You’re abandoning 黑仔??

    Oh and this format looks very clean. Hmmmz

    • na says:

      I know right, clean and minimalistic. I like.

      對黑仔是很有感情。可是它這次真的沒辦法把七彩繽紛的景色拍下來,實在可惜!它的10x zoom 還是很有用。

      But it may actually be time to move on. He is afterall, 3.5 years.


  2. hui ru says:

    i’m quite tempted by the sony also. but hp and new computer higher on my priority list. broke la. crap.

    • na says:

      New computer? I thought you recently just got a All-in-one within the last 2 years? Build your own computer! I know, I’m waiting to change my Nexus – am tempted to root my nexus though.

      Tempted by the sony camera or tablet? :P

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