Moving On.

I never once pegged myself to be one who would move on so quickly.

3 – 4 years: would you call that long or short?

I strongly believe in 長痛不如短痛. Since my future is not meant to be there, I should not be idling there for long. I’ve never believed in climbing to the top, I mean to smell the roses in my life. If I don’t smell it now, when would I?

Pull the plaster off, let it bleed. Soon it will dry, and new skin forms over.

People move on. Everybody has places to go, things to see, experiences to try.

I once wrote to my graduating students indirectly, “The world is your oyster.  Go forth and seek your passion.” Shouldn’t I practise what I preach? I wonder.

I’ve given myself a deadline and I will not remain comfortable.

I took one mighty small step today.
Small, but mighty step.

What beckons come end 2013 – que sera sera.


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