has not been particularly kind to me. So far, at least.

Out of the 3 working days so far, today was the only day I felt relatively sane. If I have to keep up with the speed of working in the first two days, I will positively die by the second week.

I have to survive January, I have to. February may seem slightly better, but we’ll never know what curve balls the year/school/people may throw at us. I shudder at the thought of those curve balls.

Today was the only day I got some rest (by stoning in front of the computer) and got quality work done after the bout of stoning. I basically crashed after the first two days of school. It felt like the holidays were never here. The rush was madness and almost unbearable.

On a good note, I have an extremely adorable form class. Very very very very adorable. I’m looking forward to spending more time with this bunch of students. (:

This then returns me to the question that has been bugging me since the December holidays. I teach because I want to teach, and I love to teach. I may seem adept (or efficient) at the administrative bits but it does not mean I want to do it, and would like to do it. I have said this time and time again, I do not wish to climb and I will never want to climb up the leadership track. I’m happy being a teacher, teaching the things I love and am interested in. I have no interest paving my career upwards at the expense of my students. If I truly wanted to climb, I wouldn’t have left the private sector.

I should be spending more time on teaching, reflecting on my materials selection and teaching methods. I should not be spending more time on other things that distract me from my original intention. Sadly, that has not been the case so far for 2012, despite it being 3 days into 2012.

I am unhappy with the current job arrangement, but I’ve taken steps to mitigate the situation. The situation should turn itself around in 1 – 2 years time. In the meantime, I will ride those damned challenging waves and enjoy the time spent with the students and fellow colleagues.

2012, please be a little nicer to me?


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