Bloody humid.

I hate today’s weather – it’s too damn bloody warm.

The weekend didn’t go too well – some disappointments, with a whole lot of waiting involved. Wish I was at the Foster The People concert – I was bloody excited when I saw it on Sistic, until I realised I had a wedding dinner on that very night.

Nonetheless, something to tide me by!

Work life is slowly becoming more steady, with me having a little more time to myself. Slow and steady is good – I can’t breathe when the pace goes too fast. I can barely hang in there. Missing some colleagues badly, one on reservist the other on maternity. Come back soon you people!

There’s a half day this Wednesday (thanks to our not-bad results in January) and the JL is headed down to Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin to feast. I think it might be our first (and hopefully not ever) JL outing (+ 1 wife + 1 baby)! The baby is going to be tortured badly – 5 predicts that his face will be sorely red by the end of the feasting session.

This week is nice, because there are no classes on Friday (not that it matters much to me, with that one single period), plus I get to meet Shuz on Thursday for her boy-woes. Gosh, talking about boy-woes brings back memories, both good and bad. Those were the teenage years – we’ve all grown older, and hopefully a little wiser.

Congrats to a good friend for his successful switch in job/career (no more mundane irrelevant work – cheers to (a hopeful) flying!) and shoutouts to the loved ones that I miss and have no time to meet. Need to make time to meet people!

19thjan with Shuz, 29thjan with Peanut+Lamsy, 4thfeb with Peanut + Eileen + partners, 12thfeb with theroo/tok.

My social circle really shrinks as I grow older. Anyone out there would like to meet me?  Can’t wait for Ling to get back from US before we can organise a girls outing with the rest.

In the meantime, leaving you with my current favourite – a cover of Pumped Up Kicks, one that I’ve featured on my blog before:

I actually think the cover is better than the original, and I already think the original is pretty awesome. Both chase the grey skies away when I’ve had a bad day. Beams.

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