When I have the kaching…

I will get (in order of importance):

1. Galaxy Nexus (omgwtfwhywaitsolong)

Image from Androidguys.com

It’s been too long baby – you were originally supposed to come in Jan, but now Samsung says you will only arrive in Feb. I will continue to anticipate your arrival (while my dratted colleague has already rooted his phone to ICS)!

2. Sony Nex 7 / Canon G1X (it’s time for a replacement!)

Image from sonyalphanex.blogspot.com

Image from blessthisstuff.com

It’s a toss up. I was eyeing the Nex 7 because the boy had his eyes on it first, then he went with the Sony A77. It would have been a shoo-in for the Nex 7, until Canon recently released its G1X, the successor to the Canon G12. My sister’s G12 is pretty good, and for a cheaper price and a very large/good sensor, I wouldn’t mind getting the G1x instead! Choices choices.

3. Ultrabook / Jh Customs

It’s honestly tough to choose between these two. The JH customs had never quite left my mind before – it’s tucked somewhere, far away in the depths of my mind, but it’s still there. The ultrabooks were THE thing to watch at CES 2012 this year, and my laptop is coming to 4 years old (it just turned 3 at the start of this year). It’s still functioning perfectly fine now, but whenever I read reports on the ultrabooks featured at CES, I can’t help but drool. I mean, look at this stuff!

Samsung Series 9 - Image from umpcportal.com

ASUS UX21 - image from appleinsider.com

Acer Aspire S - image from news.cnet.com

All these gorgeous beauties – portable, lightweight and powerful. My Portege feels too shy to appear amongst all these ultra slim portable laptops.

And of course, the JH customs – the pair of customs that never fail to leave my mind. I actually called Jaben up last evening to ask about the prices from the JH11/JH13/JH16. It’s now or never – before I/We start paying for that heck of a flat we bought.

JH16 custom earphones - image from clutch.mtv.com

Oh sigh. The heart skips a beat just looking at you.


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