Determined to make today count.

Friday, 16 March 2012

A determination to make today count. It’s, technically, the last weekday of the March holidays.

Time simply flies too quickly when you’re having fun. Especially this one, where I made sure I worked hard and took time off for myself as well. The idea of work life balance is just featuring too much in my mind this year. It has to be meaningful work, meaning life balance at the same time. Determined to make every minute of my life count. Even allowing myself that extra minute of sleep, is considered “making it count”.

What’s life when you’re not happy?

Have been hankering after Kaiho at Cuppage for a while, after reading Camemberu’s entry on it. Went there for its set lunch today and was completely blown away. Absolutely completely. It’s crazy value for money, the quality and quantity – its omg delish. Made me a very very very happy person after lunch -the chirashi sushi lunch set was handsdown one of the best meals I’ve had for this year. In fact alot of my best meals have been coming from Cuppage this year. It’s a constantreminder to self to explore the lesser known places, despite it being so close to town.

Got my working shoes from Geox Centrepoint after that, my mind couldn’t get past the softness of the suede material and made up its own mind to get that pair of shoes to replace my very scruffed up Hush Puppies pair of simple black shoes. Was about to head to cityhall for a bout of coffee and reading, when I checked my work email (I swear, my fingers were just too itchy!) and saw the reminder of our virtual meeting on Saturday morning (IT taskforce – we were OK with hanging out on Hangout, instead of going back to school..). Then I realised that I didn’t have a webcam for my new PC so I detoured to Funan.

That was where I almost lost all control. First the screen protector for the Nexus, then the casemate protector, then the webcam. If I had allowed myself, I could’ve ended up with the Touch mouse as well, I was playing with it at Challenger. Then I looked for the new iPad and attempted to tell the difference between the 2 and the new (since I can’t call it the 3) – I couldn’t, despite having techcrunch reviews raving over it. I was too embarrassed to ask which was the 2 and which was the new, so I left shortly after.

Currently fiddling around with the Xoom (the Nexus and the Xoom now wear the same clothes – i thought it would be nice for some comformity) at Raffles City Starbucks, reading surfing and feeling very happy about today. One more weekend and school will start. Can’t wait for the June holidays to come already. Contemplates on Diablo 3 as well. I want to get back into computer games action – those mind blowing ones that allow me to show off the prowess of my self built PC and yet not make me want to throw up.

Shall do more research!


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