oh 53A, 53A, 53A.

How I’ve tried to hunt you down twice, but to no avail.

First it was at CMPB Dempsey, where said colleagues and I wanted to hear you guys sing – but you had a private function that night, and we had to bear the consequences of wannabe-country-boy-singer with really pretty mike. Then it was tonight (last night) where I thought you were going to be at Timbre Substation, but you had a last minute swap with Goodfellas in the end.

Perhaps we’re just not fated. Of course I still had a good time with the Goodfellas, especially with Timbre’s snacks and downing 1 litre of beer (and remaining wide awake and amazingly hyper).

But I was still looking forward to listen to you sing, 53A.

Another time, perhaps.

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