Boracay 2012

This must have been the most memorable trip ever – for all the right reasons and all the wrong reasons.

Things to check off a bucket list:

  1. Get nearly scammed by Manila airport staff when they said “quick airport taxi for transfer” before staff pointed at a 25usd pax taxi ride, while conveniently covering the usd at the end. We caught the usd in the nick of time and said, “Siao ah!”
  2. Miss a connecting flight and buy new tickets for new connecting flight because we web-checked in to said missed connecting flight.
  3. Fear that when we eventually reached Kalibo airport, there will be no more vans and boats to bring us to Boracay – which meant we could’ve been potentially stuck at Kalibo. Thankfully, that didn’t happen – the port was open till 10pm and we reached the port at 730pm in the evening.
  4. Have way too many connecting routes to get to said vacation destination, in this case Boracay. It was originally a 3hr flight- 1hr flight- 2hr van- 15min boat – 20 min trike from Singapore to hotel. It became a 3hr flight – missed connecting flight (5hr) – 1 hr flight – 2.5 hr van (with odd pick ups and drop offs) – 15 min scary night boat ride – 30 min trike in the rain, with the rain pelting against us. We flew into the leaving of the typhoon that eventually went to Taiwan.
  5. Do many paid activities for a beach holiday – none of which was planned (helmet diving, zorbing, island hopping, buggy riding). The only planned item, Ariel’s Point, couldn’t be done because the sea was too rocky. We did consider taking a paraw boat but when I saw the rocky waves, and how the width of the paraw net for seating was mere butt wide, I refused to set foot on it. I think I actually turned to the boy and said, “I’ll will die if the paraw flips in waves like that.” I might actually try it during the peak/calm season – not in the wake of a typhoon and crazy waves.
  6. Dumped in the middle of the sea and made to walk back to shore for approximately 15 minutes because it was low tide. The tide was so low, and the boat was still extremely far from shore. So we walked and walked and walked. It was not a surprising scene.
  7. Eat based on Foursquare recommendations (plus a teeny bit of research). After the fiasco with the airport staff in Manila, we didn’t quite trust the airport staff so we got ourselves prepaid data for 5 days. We kept checking in and exploring in Foursquare, particularly because the Pinoys are huge on social media and places get tons of check-ins, so the recommendations were pretty accurate. Also, the locations on Foursquare were more accurate than Google Maps actually. So we had pretty good food for the few days, except for the last dinner where we had Spanish and couldn’t quite figure out if our tastebuds didn’t understand the chorizo and another tapas, or that the place was overrated.
  8. Buy seafood from the wet market, bring said live seafood to any kitchen in the area and get them to cook it for you at a small price. It was really good and cheap seafood. We had lobster!
  9. Walk on a huge huge stretch of gorgeous beach with fine powdery sand that didn’t feel like sand. We walked the White Beach too many times, and it was still not enough. We strolled along the beach every night after dinner (I insisted – it was calming and lovely against the strong wind and fine sand). We got lucky and had clear skies one night – the boy caught a picture of the Milky Way. It’s on Facebook – it was gorgeous.
  10. Wade out to sea in crystal clear waters, wade really really far out and the water was still ankle deep. It happens both at high tides, and low tides. The water was crystal clear.
  11. Laze on the beach on a daybed, people watch, drink alcohol, read and fall asleep. I think I’ve done that in Krabi, but this is always nice to do it over and over again.
  12. Come back two days right before school/work started and run the risk of not being able to come back on time due to Point 9.
  13. Meet with a 15 hour flight delay when coming home and spend one more day in Manila, all thanks to Jetstar’s inability to maintain its aircraft well.

Of course, one night was particularly memorable and special. The announcement would come soon, but some of you would be receiving phonecalls from me soon – must pick up yes?  (Have notified almost everybody – this entry was done up on 24 June!)

Hence, the trip started off horribly, picked up when we reached the island, but ended on a rather sour note – all thanks to Jetstar. I wonder if they will further compensate us for the delay. I’m actually quite tired to call up and ask about it. We’ve emailed them, but they are taking ages to respond. Urgh.

I’ve got so many updates, but mostly up in the air. I need to have the discipline to sit down and blog, instead of D3-ing, which was what I have been doing the moment I’m home and have spare time on hand.

Which I am about to do right now. :P


2 thoughts on “Boracay 2012

  1. Tee says:

    Jetstar is known for changing their schedules at the whim and they’re quite explicitly not apologetic at all. Haha.

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