JJ Abrams

For a period of time, his name eluded me. It was vaguely familiar, when we read about Revolution, an upcoming new dystopia drama, which he produced. It was then when I said to the boy, “I think he did Lost.”

To that, the boy waved it away and said, “Nah he didn’t.” I didn’t give a second thought, since the boy watched Lost, and I didn’t.

Hence, the next time his name appeared on my reading, I paid attention to it. So this morning while travelling to meet a colleague for breakfast, I chanced upon this reading list: The Risk Factor: rating fall’s new TV shows. Of course a title like that would grab my attention, with my fascination over Fall TV and the new upcoming shows (an onslaught of new comedies this year – looking out for the next new breakout ala Modern Family before anyone else does!). So I was scanning the writeups until I came across Revolution, again. It was odd to see JJ Abrams and Lost in the same article so I googled him.

As it turned out, he didn’t just produce Lost, he co-created it. It must have been all that Entertainment Weekly that I’ve been reading for the last two years that firmly nudged that piece of information in my brain, such that when it looked familiar, I could vaguely place him even though I haven’t had much interest in his works thus far.

Perhaps Revolution should be on my watch list this fall.

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