Custom Design

I’ve always dreamed of buying an upgrade from the WordPress Store.

Somehow, I’ve managed to stop myself in time before I decided to get a personalised URL that deviated from the usual (blahblah), or that particular gorgeous premium theme that I cannot maximise it to its fullest potential because it requires plenty of pictures and videos. My entries are usually text based, you see.

So when WordPress chose to publicise and show off their Custom Design upgrade, by allowing users to preview and try out the function without having to purchase it – I tried.

Guess where that led me.

If you’re currently viewing my blog (visitors now probably make up of myself, myself and myself) – you can see that I’ve gone over to the dark side.

I have bought an upgrade, for $0.08 usd a day – which technically meant 30USD a year.

Now my theme, Chunk, has been spruced up with a background that’s totally me (hello stripes, and shades of orange&brown) – and some of my favourite bright colours and custom fonts. This Custom Design made me realise that I didn’t need any premium themes – I just wanted a good simple layout with bright colours that would make me happy when I visit my own little blog. Of course, I’d add the occasional pictures (probably not videos) once in a while to make this space a little more happening.

As of now, I’m pretty pleased and proud of my purchase. It makes me feel happy, and a little more inspired to blog about thoughts, life and random ideas in general. Seeing colours like these brighten my life, and makes me want to dream.

Of course, I could possibly sink deeper and get that personalised url in the near future, and then consider that perhaps with all that wedding prep slowly coming along, we could do with a wedding blog and blog our wedding updates (the boy would absolutely detest that – I don’t think he is particularly fond of the idea of blogging every single wedding prep and inspiration we I might have). Then I could potentially strong arm him into agreeing with a premium wedding theme..

Okay I think I’m running away with ideas here.

Speaking of which, we’ve started our wedding prep, slowly and steadily. We’re going to start venue hunting this weekend by doing on site recces of the hotels, and visiting the bridal fair on Saturday. I shouldn’t forget my wedding lunch on Sunday as well.

Thank god my marking is done. I finished it this morning, after receiving it yesterday morning. Spent the entire day marking, with Dancing with the Stars playing in the background as minimal distraction to help me focus and concentrate (ironic, yes I know). My hands are sore and aching from the intense marking session yesterday night and this morning. I didn’t want to bring the bag of marking back home for the weekend. So I cleared it.

Now I get the time to dawdle, float around the house and do random things – like buying that Custom Design upgrade.

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7 thoughts on “Custom Design

  1. hui ru says:

    please, next year i’ll have to re-bookmark @ http://www.sunflowers.mine or something like that. anyway, do enlighten me on the purpose of a wedding blog! i stand firmly with bx on that one.

    argh trying to think now of how to teach extremely weak students while still stuck in a lecture tutorial framework.

    • na says:

      Re-bookmarking is fun! I kid. Heh.

      Well I was surprised – BX is actually FOR the idea of a wedding blog. Though it only makes more sense for us to get it up closer to the date and after we finalise on the venue. He claims it will hype up the wedding (for obvious purposes). I was actually rather surprised.

      I’ve yet to think about 2013 and school. For one, I haven’t met the new people and seen the new environment yet! Am itching to get started and talk to them, but said friend in new environment told me to take it easy, new place moves alot slower than current environment. So I’m kinda just bumming around right now.

      Teehee. Can’t wait for clean-the-junk day! And Budak of course. Beams.

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