Came home dead beat, after spending a nice chill out afternoon with the POA colleagues and ex-colleague at The Rose Veranda, Shangri La.

It was really nice. Splendid environment, with delish good food for the afternoon. Spent too much time on transportation home though and took close to two hours to get home from Orchard Hotel. I blame the express bus that refused to come for a good half hour. The display board stubbornly showed 12 minutes (to arrival) and I naively chose to believe.

Eventually came home and started tidying up my GReader subscriptions. Oddly, most of them are dead links now and I didn’t realise that till I started the house keeping. Found some old links, like Roo’s London exchange blog! It was rather amusing. The Food tag is no longer just Food any more. It has been renamed to Arts Culture and Food. This way, it appears right at the top of the other subscriptions, above Education, Entertainment and Info Tech. All the other rubbish went into Randoms.


Clearing out is a therapeutic affair. Friend and I had a very good time clearing out our tables today, after we were done with the exam essentials (the likes of keying in marks, markers’ report, and ip evaluation). Z complained we girls made too much noise while clearing out our places. I had an easier time clearing, as compared to Friend – she had mountains to clear. I admit, I’m a neat freak at work. Close friends always try and cajole me to clean up after that.

I always reject sweetly. Hehe.


Here’s to a hopeful possibility that I go for a nice long walk/painfully slow jog around the Marina Bay area after the retreat tomorrow, before our site recce at Carlton. I need to work off the gluttony that began with the Restaurant Week weekend and ongoing gluttony with two high teas (one today) scheduled this week with the colleagues. I really should come up with an exercise plan for the holidays, and consider that gym membership again at Jurong Point, considering that I would pass by JP every time I go home next year onwards.

The new year is looking scary to me. Gulps.


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