After I had the kaching…

Refer to old post “When I have the kaching…” here.

So in January, I made a wishlist of the tech gadgets I wished I could buy if I had the money.

It’s almost year end now and I am actually pleased to say that I have purchased 3 out of 4 items in the wishlist! The last item is probably a wishforever-wishlist-item but nonetheless, 3 out of 4! That’s pretty impressive, I’d say. And I am actually typing on one right now!

I currently own the Galaxy Nexus, the Sony Nex 7 and the latest baby, the Asus UX31A (i7 model with 256 ssd and FHD screen).


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The UX31A is absolutely droolicious. The sleekness of it, I’ve made the guys in office jealous and salivating over it. Tom comes by every day to check out my new machine and proclaim his jealousness – it’s really hilarious and endearing. Today is Day 4 of owning this gorgeous baby and I’m pretty satisfied with it in all aspects (except for the inconsistent showing of battery life times – what’s up with that Asus? Perhaps I could drop them a call today). Probably going to get a 4-way USB port for it as well, given that it only has 2 USB ports (USB 3.0 though!) since my Arc Touch and internet dongle takes up 2 of them already.

So pretty, slim and gorgeous. It took me a while to find it though – both the UX31A and UX32VD have been out of stock for so long (presumably awaiting the launch of Windows 8) and even after the launch, stocks were extremely limited. I was lucky enough to find it in a Mini Challenger last Saturday where they only had one boxed set left, and one display set. Most of the big players didn’t have the i7 version (they only had the i5 version, which only has 128GB of ssd space) which didn’t make sense to me. Loves the weight as well (1.3kg) though it is slightly heavier than my Portege.

Speaking of which, I had to get this replacement partly because my Portege decided that the end of the year was a fine time to give up on me. It hasn’t died entirely yet, but it has started to overheat and make it unbearable to do work on the machine. Loud whirring noises were coming out from my Portege and it makes you wonder if it was going to explode on you. Miraculously, it hasn’t. I will sell it once I get the chance to.

Have been recently plagued with a series of illness, first the fever two Fridays ago when I was supposed to help Roo clear her room. Then the flu bug hit me on the weekend that just passed. Still attempting to recover from it, slowly and steadily. It sure feels like the body knows when to fall ill, when the kids are all out of school and lessons are not required to be carried out. Been clocking my 4 hours daily everyday and clearing things slowly.

The table has been cleared, almost. All I need now is to bring everything back – which will prove to be a hassle because I don’t think there’s enough space at home to keep everything. I will need to start tidying up the room by throwing away old materials before Roo comes over next Tuesday for the major overhaul. I think my room is in a worse shape than hers.

In the meantime, it’s almost 12 noon – time to clock out!


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