Week 9.

It has been a depressing week. I need new distractions, new goals, new motivations in life. New things that are not work related.

I crave for that after work drink I should be having with RL next week.

I want to sing out loud, “I want to break free!” – you know, that Queen song.

I just took a midweek jaunt to town today, having escaped from school in sheer desperation. Anything to get me as far away as possible from the source of my misery. It felt free for a while, to stroll down a not-so-crowded Orchard Road, sit at a relatively packed Liat Towers Starbucks and drink coffee. It helped that the boy was with me, keeping me company. We seldom get moments like this, him being free on a weekday.

I had a good evening session with Shu and Ling on Monday night, cooking dinner and chatting over dinner. We talked about everything possible, especially everybody’s plans. I wonder where everybody will be in 2 years time, geographically. We should have sessions like this more often – cheers to lifelong friendship!

I miss meeting up with my friends. Perhaps more midweek jaunts to town are in order, to catch up with friends whom I should be putting in more time and efforts with.

If I can’t get my work/job in order this year, then I should have personal goals and aims to achieve.

It’s already March! Urgh.


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