When Thurs feels like a Fri.

Feels damn shiok to be going on course tomorrow. Old friends, new content – don’t know if I’ll be using it next year, but it’ll feel damn good to be learning new things and using the brain for once.

There are so many things missing in my life right now, but I can’t put my fingers on exactly what it is. Am very glad to have the support of loved ones at this moment in time, with good friends sending me emails of possible alternatives. Glad to have a good friend to talk to at work, and wishes desperately she could be seated closer to her to make life at work less miserable.

Lugged home a pile of marking, only to be reading for the last two hours on the Kindle, and listening to Straight No Chaser. Am missing out on coffee sessions with friends, making new appointments for them. I really can’t wait to catch up with J – it’s been such a while and we’ve got so much to rant about!

I have no idea which direction or where I’m headed in – but I wish things could be so much more different. I’ve got to figure it out soon, and decide which direction I want to head in.




On a much much lighter note, the boy is finally an official Dr Tan – he has passed his oral defense! After all these hard work – finallyyy! Had a mini celebration yesterday at Star Vista and it was so much fun. :) Almost to Graduation! :)


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