double yew tee eff

Had a bad day in school – spent the day wondering why I’ve been this aimless and why I’ve been wasting my time in this place for this whole year. No purpose, no aim.

When I finally left school, I thought – I need a drink.

So I went to the Starbucks within walking distance, and ordered myself an iced coffee. The weather has been too hot.

While I was waiting, a colleague excitedly texted the group saying, “Meeting for XXX day now! at XXXXX location!”

double yew tee eff.

I had left school already and I really didn’t remember any prior information about said meeting. I ignored the text, got my drink and got onto the bus. Checked my phone again. Saw a missed call from a colleague. Decided to call the colleague back and told her I was unable to make the meeting because I’ve already left school. Then I asked her if any prior notification was given. She mentioned an email from someone else. So I thought I must’ve missed the email and apologised profusely.

I checked my email after the phonecall, wondering how on earth could I have missed such an email (I usually don’t miss such emails). I couldn’t find any.

I couldn’t find any emails about meetings happening on 3 October. None, nada, zilch.

Thanks for making my day a lot worse. Thanks for making my day suck even more. Thanks for making me feel guilty about missing a non-existent email.

double yew tee eff double yew tee eff.



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