Fall Movies to watch out for.

After a depressing afternoon (coupled with a venti mocha that I finished in no time) and a soothing dinner with my parents, I decided to analyse the EW’s fall movies issue and watch the first season of Breaking Bad at the same time, find out what the fuss is all about. The boy has mentioned that Breaking Bad might not be my cup of tea (I would’ve agreed with him two years ago) but recently I’ve found the stomach for heavier shows.

I would usually default to the lighter, girl-ier shows to destress (so that I didn’t have to think so much while watching tv). However, recently I’ve found myself watching shows that have meatier plot lines. I still go through almost everything, but I usually fall back on shows that are more heavy. The flavour of these few months has been Person of Interest – I felt the emptiness when I finished both seasons and the third season hasn’t started (it only just began two weeks ago). Subsequently after finishing Person of Interest, I moved on to Suits and Covert Affairs. They have been largely more crime and procedural, something I would’ve definitely avoided two years ago. This afternoon in my depressed state, I actually watched S3E02 of POI to perk myself up. Hence I thought it might be a good time for me to go on a Breaking Bad spree, considering I can binge watch all five seasons at one shot.

Anyways – moving on to the fall movies to note (I always adore the EW’s compilation of the fall movies and tv shows issues!) – movies labelled with the asterisk are on EW’s Oscar watch list (because they fulfil the default Oscar movie criteria)

In order of local release dates:

1. Rush* (SG release – currently showing)

I’m not quite sure if we can watch this in time but the recent Singapore F1 GP puts us in the mood for some more racing action, even if it means going back in history. Reviews have been good, it’d be a fun watch.

2. Gravity* (SG release – 10 Oct 2013)

I would say the leads are the star attraction here, but it’s more than just Bullock and Clooney. The trailer feels very tense and you watch the trailer with bated breath. It feels eerie and keeps you in suspense. Makes for an exciting movie, don’t you think?

3. Thor: The Dark World (SG release – 31 Oct 2013)

Superheroes films are the mass market high grossing films now. It’ll be a good follow up from the Avengers last year – though I do hope it doesn’t fall as flat as Wolverine this year. I really didn’t quite like Wolverine this year. Iron Man was not too bad at least.

4. Ender’s Game (SG release – 7 Nov 2013)

We’ve walked past the Ender’s Game posters several times and the boy always remind me that we are watching the movie. I have to read the book before watching the movie, I have to remember to read it.

5. Don Jon (SG release – 7 Nov 2013)

Oh this is just all Joshua Gordon Levitt, it’s all him. Maybe a little of Scarlett Johansson too, but largely Joshua Gordon Levitt. It’s all him.

6. The Fifth Estate* (SG release – 14 Nov 2013)

A movie about Wikileaks and Benedict Cumberbatch – what’s not to love? Cumberbatch did an excellent job in Star Trek, I can’t wait to watch him in the Fifth Estate.

7. The Wolf of Wall Street*  (SG release – 14 Nov 2013)

We saw this trailer recently right before we watched Prisoners (excellent film by the way, Jake Gyllenhaal totally stole the limelight from Hugh Jackman but I thought Gyllenhaal had a meatier role to develop his character) and I knew instantly that I would love this one. It’s a biographical drama, based on Jordan Belfort who was convicted of stock market manipulation. Loves con movies!

8. Diana (SG release – 28 Nov 2013)

I remember reading the biography (summarised version) of Princess Diana from page to page in my primary school days, and I remember her rather fondly. This biopic solely focuses on her last two years, which should give us insight into her life after the divorce from Prince Charles. It’s been released in the UK already and the reviews aren’t great though. :/

9. Captain Phillips* (SG release – 5 Dec 2013) 

Yet another biopic (third in a row!) – this one is about Captain Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage by the Somali pirates in 2009. The trailer does look pretty exciting.

10. 12 years a Slave* (SG release – 12 Dec 2013)

A very Oscar Best Picture film – highly acclaimed by critics when it first premiered at the 2013 Tellruride Film Festival. Cumberbatch is in it again!

11. Last Vegas (SG release – 12 Dec 2013)

The 50-year-old men version of the Hangover, with a great cast. A fun must watch!

12. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (SG release – 12 Dec 2013)

It’s THE HOBBIT – need I say more?

13. Anchorman 2 (US release – 20 Dec 2013, SG release – TBA)

This made the cover of EW for its Fall Movies issue – it’s the sequel to the 2004 Anchorman. It is a comedy and from the cast lineup – there are many many excellent comedians in it like Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd. You really can’t go wrong with these three.

14. American Hustle* (SG release – 26 Dec 2013)

Am attracted to the strong cast and partly the story line: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Robert De Niro – how not to watch?! Oh, it’s FBI related, so it’s right up my alley.

15. Her (SG release – 16 Jan 2014)

Sci-fi romantic movie – this should satisfy both of us, the geek in us and the romantic in me. Teehee.

16. Inside Llewyn Davis* (SG release – 16 Jan 2014)

Oh the music, just the music from the trailer is enough to keep me hooked.

17. August: Osage County*  (SG release – 23 Jan 2014)

It’s a dark comedy film and there’s Meryl Streep. I really adore Streep’s acting, and there’s dark comedy.

18. The Monuments Men* (SG release – 30 Jan 2014)

This is my MUST WATCH of the list. It’s almost like doing a Oceans 14 (by looking at the cast) but set in WWII.

19. The Book Thief  (SG release – 27 Feb 2014)

This was my first Kindle e-book and I remembered feeling very touched and affected by the book. I was deeply enthralled by the writing so they had better make a good film out of the book.

20. Grace of Monaco (SG release -TBA)

It’s a biography about Grace Kelly – THE Grace Kelly.

21. Saving Mr Banks* (SG release – 27 Feb 2014) 

A biography about an author who reflects on her childhood while meeting with Walt Disney during production for the adaptation of Mary Poppins. All the classics – must watch!


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