Krispy Kreme

Woke up dreaming of that, amazingly. Makes me wonder if it’s a sign that I should head down to town today at 1230, just to walk around and get some.

It’s the second day of the #ohpleaseclock4hourseveryday period and I’m almost bored out of my wits. I would like to clear my station, but the only thing that needs clearing is my worksheets cupboard that should only be touched after the paper on 7 Nov. Everything else is pretty much cleared, because I’ve got that neat freak in me.

Am extremely reliant on the typing sounds in RT to help me with typing. As a result, instead of listening to Spotify this morning, I’m listening to 8tracks instead on the RT, because there is no Spotify in the app store. I recently realised that you can tell the general users of the music applications by looking at the available playlists in the apps. Recently I tried to look for rock music, more specifically arena rock, in 8tracks and I couldn’t find any, not a single one. All I could find was indie rock, indie music, indie indie and more indie. Not that I mind indie music, but when one craves for the classics, one needs the classics. Thankfully, I have my usual providers on Spotify to keep me occupied.

I suspect most of the 8tracks users creating playlists are young people, people who are wannabehippies hippies. As you can tell from the no mention of the iPod, I’ve long left it aside. I need to bring less gadgets around. Might revive it for the Sydney trip, me thinks.

So to help me tide through the 4 hours today, I’ve brought things along to read. I’m 20% into the Ender’s Game (the boy has been going on and on about it every time we pass by the movie poster) and I’m determined to finish my Time and EW (with JGL on the cover squee!) during this time. I’ve also got my RT with loads of magazines in Zinio to occupy me if I want to read, and I could always watch my guilty pleasure on xinmsn (horrors!) if I want to. I just need to remind myself that I have things to occupy me, instead of listening to conversations around me that I’m not interested in.

I am really considering that Krispy Kreme outing (plus I love taking 502 to town and back – gives me chill time to listen to my music and read my books).

Behind these seemingly random and aimless talk, I worry about my tinnitus problem, which I will see a specialist next Wednesday afternoon. Am rather freaked out by it, with the constant sounds happening in the right ear. Then I wonder if I can claim the fees from insurance. Something to remember for the next time I guess.

Went for Zumba yesterday with Ling and it was fun! Halfway through I got really winded (says very much about my current fitness level) but it was still fun letting your hair down to the club-like music played in the dance studio. Golden Mile Complex is really very inaccessible. Meh. It was a good workout, but it doesn’t work out your muscles as much. Good for a get-your-butt-off-the-chair routine, but for more serious exercising, it might not be that good a choice. The boy was observing the class from the outside (he only made it for dinner) and he commented that it really depends on the amount of efforts you put in for yourself.

Oh wells, should check out the ones in the west – they have a few sessions at Bukit Batok and Clementi.

Time to get started on something – I sure hope 4 hours fly by faster today, as compared to yesterday.


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