To the RT, the Ender’s series and Spotify/8tracks.

Once you start, you really cannot stop.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive without the RT after I return it. I really have no clue. The RT + the touch cover has demonstrated to me how relevant it is to me with my tech usage habits. It has shown me that I can get used to using the touch cover, even though the type cover will probably be easier to pick up on first use.

I really might just get the Surface 2 when it comes out. I don’t even need to make sure it has tons of space because of the USB3.0 port. I just need thumbdrives. I should see if I can run programs off my thumbdrive. Won’t it be amazing if it can? Beams.

Have been recently extremely addicted to Twisted Sisters’ We’re not gonna take it.

I can’t put my finger on why I’ve been this addicted to the song, but many a times, I catch myself changing the lyrics to “I’m not gonna take it anymoreeeeee.” Speaks volumes about my current work environment.

I really do wish there were more official apps in the store though. I really wouldn’t know what to do when the Nexus 10 comes out. Somehow I never quite saw the Android/Apple tablets as productivity tools, unlike the RT. One wonders why.

I can’t put the Ender’s Series down. Currently reading Ender’s Shadow and laughing to myself like a weirdo at Starbucks Rochester. Trust me, Starbucks Rochester on a Sunday is no joke. Though you can actually observe the habits of the young ones here – I reached at about 1015 and there were quite a fair number of seats. Most of the patrons then were parents, or middle aged. The young ones only turn up at about 11 and they crowd around looking for seats, oblivious to the fact that the seats are taken up by the older generation (yes I put myself in that group now). They make a heck lot of noise disturbing people and I really don’t know if they’re here to work or to socialise. I get the feeling that they’re here to be seen, and not work. Too much talking, too much hi-byeing and too much dressing up for a Sunday morning.

I really wish the Starbucks at Metropolis is open on a Sunday morning. I didn’t want so much buzz on a Sunday morning you see. All I wanted to do was to listen to my music, read my book and use my RT.

Need to search for nice quiet spaces within the west for some reading like this morning, instead of spending the entire morning in that black hole of my bed.

I’m really amazed at how fast I can type on the touch cover now! It’s amazing!

Beams. I’m really gonna miss RT so much when I return it in two weeks time. Meh.


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