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To the RT, the Ender’s series and Spotify/8tracks.

Once you start, you really cannot stop.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive without the RT after I return it. I really have no clue. The RT + the touch cover has demonstrated to me how relevant it is to me with my tech usage habits. It has shown me that I can get used to using the touch cover, even though the type cover will probably be easier to pick up on first use.

I really might just get the Surface 2 when it comes out. I don’t even need to make sure it has tons of space because of the USB3.0 port. I just need thumbdrives. I should see if I can run programs off my thumbdrive. Won’t it be amazing if it can? Beams.

Have been recently extremely addicted to Twisted Sisters’ We’re not gonna take it.

I can’t put my finger on why I’ve been this addicted to the song, but many a times, I catch myself changing the lyrics to “I’m not gonna take it anymoreeeeee.” Speaks volumes about my current work environment.

I really do wish there were more official apps in the store though. I really wouldn’t know what to do when the Nexus 10 comes out. Somehow I never quite saw the Android/Apple tablets as productivity tools, unlike the RT. One wonders why.

I can’t put the Ender’s Series down. Currently reading Ender’s Shadow and laughing to myself like a weirdo at Starbucks Rochester. Trust me, Starbucks Rochester on a Sunday is no joke. Though you can actually observe the habits of the young ones here – I reached at about 1015 and there were quite a fair number of seats. Most of the patrons then were parents, or middle aged. The young ones only turn up at about 11 and they crowd around looking for seats, oblivious to the fact that the seats are taken up by the older generation (yes I put myself in that group now). They make a heck lot of noise disturbing people and I really don’t know if they’re here to work or to socialise. I get the feeling that they’re here to be seen, and not work. Too much talking, too much hi-byeing and too much dressing up for a Sunday morning.

I really wish the Starbucks at Metropolis is open on a Sunday morning. I didn’t want so much buzz on a Sunday morning you see. All I wanted to do was to listen to my music, read my book and use my RT.

Need to search for nice quiet spaces within the west for some reading like this morning, instead of spending the entire morning in that black hole of my bed.

I’m really amazed at how fast I can type on the touch cover now! It’s amazing!

Beams. I’m really gonna miss RT so much when I return it in two weeks time. Meh.



By an ex-school student (whom I didn’t teach before) when I was buying Krispy Kreme. She told an ex-student of mine and then he gleefully texted me.  I actually thought for a moment that he was there, but he couldn’t have – because had he been there, he would have made certain that the entire world knew that I was his teacher, and the entire world would know my surname. Perhaps, full name even.

Yes he is THAT loud.

The remaining conversation with said ex-student over whatsapp cheered me up, after a gloomy day in school.

Conversations with the League, the 3 girls and the ex-unit make me miss the people very much. That easy camaraderie we had and still have, the common interests that we shared and the intelligent conversations we could have with one another, together with the nonsensical silly ones that we would have as well.

After finishing reading the Ender’s Game yesterday, I wished I was going to see Tom today because I know I can go to him for anything sci-fi related – games, movies, books and anything under the sun. I wish I could talk to him about Papers Please because I’m on Day 2X and I want to bounce ideas and spoilers off people, without having to google for the answers myself.

Thank goodness I’m meeting them for dinner next Friday – though I have to get to JP in time for our late night Thor movie, which we have already booked tickets for.

Ender’s Game with the boy, Catching Fire with Roo. Reminder to self – reread The Hunger Game series before watching the movie.

Am currently halfway through Ender’s Shadow, because I read that the upcoming movie is not entirely out of the Ender’s Game itself. It merges details from both Game and Shadow because they run parallel to each other, just from different perspectives. Oddly, I’m enjoying Shadow more than Game – perhaps I can empathise with Bean more than Ender himself.

Will get back to reading, while waiting for the boy to turn up with dinner. I can’t wait to start the marathon of comedies tonight – I really need something funny to get over this extremely depressing day. Even Krispy Kreme couldn’t work its magic.

Blogging from my RT.

Technically, it’s not my RT. I wish it was though. I’ve been falling in love with the RT for the last few days, despite the misgivings Roo has with Win 8 and her Office.

I found the app in the app store today and I am currently trying it out, typing it out with the type cover. The words appear slower than my typing speed. I like the autocorrect that comes with the tablet though – this means that even if I may mistype due to insufficient pressure on the keys of the touch cover, it auto corrects my words, which makes it similar with typing on my phone.

I seldom blog from my phone though. Swyping a blogpost doesn’t feel like blogging, typing it out makes it feel more real, oddly.

I really really adore the sleekness of the Surface RT – it is extremely well built and it feel solidly good in the hands. It’s the kind of device that just feels right, for no reason. Doesn’t help the fact that I have a guilty love for the metro design – I like the typography, the layout of the tiles and the colours used in metro – it just feels right to me. It might also be due to the fact that I’ve been on the look out for a new tablet and I’ve been waiting for Nexus 10 for EONS. It feels like it’s never going to come.

Now we have another contender, the RT.

Now, if I really just want a tablet with the occasional work purpose, the RT is actually just fine. I’m not sure if I need the Pro for that, despite my love for powerful gadgets. Sometimes I feel like I need to ask myself if I truly require such powerful machines. More power is always better than less, but the prices always go up with more power. Besides, the RT has a USB port that I find truly useful. I can just plug any old thumbdrive in and work from there! Of course, I wish Dropbox came up with an official app for Windows 8, even though I know I can use the browser version.

I do miss my apps in Android, but surprisingly not as much as I thought I would.

I’m supposed to lend my RT to the boy for him to try for a few days so that he can provide some feedback from the researcher’s point of view. However, I don’t know how I can bear to part with it, as I’m supposed to return it on 8 November. I know I’m going to miss the RT already. The new versions are coming out soon, but I don’t know when exactly. I know I’ll be on the lookout – and funnily I think I might hold back on the immediate Nexus 10 purchase. Will probably compare it to the Surface 2/Pro 2.

I really really adore the RT. It does have its flaws, but you just can’t explain love, I guess.

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen head over heels for a gadget – the last time this happened, I think it was my Nexus One. That was a long long long time ago.

After I had the kaching…

Refer to old post “When I have the kaching…” here.

So in January, I made a wishlist of the tech gadgets I wished I could buy if I had the money.

It’s almost year end now and I am actually pleased to say that I have purchased 3 out of 4 items in the wishlist! The last item is probably a wishforever-wishlist-item but nonetheless, 3 out of 4! That’s pretty impressive, I’d say. And I am actually typing on one right now!

I currently own the Galaxy Nexus, the Sony Nex 7 and the latest baby, the Asus UX31A (i7 model with 256 ssd and FHD screen).


Picture courtesy of

The UX31A is absolutely droolicious. The sleekness of it, I’ve made the guys in office jealous and salivating over it. Tom comes by every day to check out my new machine and proclaim his jealousness – it’s really hilarious and endearing. Today is Day 4 of owning this gorgeous baby and I’m pretty satisfied with it in all aspects (except for the inconsistent showing of battery life times – what’s up with that Asus? Perhaps I could drop them a call today). Probably going to get a 4-way USB port for it as well, given that it only has 2 USB ports (USB 3.0 though!) since my Arc Touch and internet dongle takes up 2 of them already.

So pretty, slim and gorgeous. It took me a while to find it though – both the UX31A and UX32VD have been out of stock for so long (presumably awaiting the launch of Windows 8) and even after the launch, stocks were extremely limited. I was lucky enough to find it in a Mini Challenger last Saturday where they only had one boxed set left, and one display set. Most of the big players didn’t have the i7 version (they only had the i5 version, which only has 128GB of ssd space) which didn’t make sense to me. Loves the weight as well (1.3kg) though it is slightly heavier than my Portege.

Speaking of which, I had to get this replacement partly because my Portege decided that the end of the year was a fine time to give up on me. It hasn’t died entirely yet, but it has started to overheat and make it unbearable to do work on the machine. Loud whirring noises were coming out from my Portege and it makes you wonder if it was going to explode on you. Miraculously, it hasn’t. I will sell it once I get the chance to.

Have been recently plagued with a series of illness, first the fever two Fridays ago when I was supposed to help Roo clear her room. Then the flu bug hit me on the weekend that just passed. Still attempting to recover from it, slowly and steadily. It sure feels like the body knows when to fall ill, when the kids are all out of school and lessons are not required to be carried out. Been clocking my 4 hours daily everyday and clearing things slowly.

The table has been cleared, almost. All I need now is to bring everything back – which will prove to be a hassle because I don’t think there’s enough space at home to keep everything. I will need to start tidying up the room by throwing away old materials before Roo comes over next Tuesday for the major overhaul. I think my room is in a worse shape than hers.

In the meantime, it’s almost 12 noon – time to clock out!


This forum thread made my D3-less night a better night.

OP stated,






I laughed when I read this opening post.

Subsequently, just 2 posts later, someone trolled him by saying:

“So according to the title… You ARE one of the many items people have lost? Bad item. Go back to your owner.”

I absolutely couldn’t stop laughing. Cannot stop laughing, AT ALL. Everytime I re-read it, I laugh.

On another note, sad sad day today – server maintenance for 8 hours from 4pm to 12mn! I managed to get in about 30 mins of game time to finish off Azmodan (surprisingly easy) before the servers went off at 4pm. Brandon and I managed to get in for another 40 minutes for him to pass me equip and try to advance in the game, before we continuously got dc-ed. Found out I won my equip bid in the Auction House, sent it to stash and I was officially booted from the server.

Now the servers are officially back on maintenance.

Diablo 3 is quickly filling up that gaping hole that has long existed for the last 3 years after I stopped intensive gaming. I can predict a cheap June holidays where I game between waking and sleeping hours.



Determined to make today count.

Friday, 16 March 2012

A determination to make today count. It’s, technically, the last weekday of the March holidays.

Time simply flies too quickly when you’re having fun. Especially this one, where I made sure I worked hard and took time off for myself as well. The idea of work life balance is just featuring too much in my mind this year. It has to be meaningful work, meaning life balance at the same time. Determined to make every minute of my life count. Even allowing myself that extra minute of sleep, is considered “making it count”.

What’s life when you’re not happy?

Have been hankering after Kaiho at Cuppage for a while, after reading Camemberu’s entry on it. Went there for its set lunch today and was completely blown away. Absolutely completely. It’s crazy value for money, the quality and quantity – its omg delish. Made me a very very very happy person after lunch -the chirashi sushi lunch set was handsdown one of the best meals I’ve had for this year. In fact alot of my best meals have been coming from Cuppage this year. It’s a constantreminder to self to explore the lesser known places, despite it being so close to town.

Got my working shoes from Geox Centrepoint after that, my mind couldn’t get past the softness of the suede material and made up its own mind to get that pair of shoes to replace my very scruffed up Hush Puppies pair of simple black shoes. Was about to head to cityhall for a bout of coffee and reading, when I checked my work email (I swear, my fingers were just too itchy!) and saw the reminder of our virtual meeting on Saturday morning (IT taskforce – we were OK with hanging out on Hangout, instead of going back to school..). Then I realised that I didn’t have a webcam for my new PC so I detoured to Funan.

That was where I almost lost all control. First the screen protector for the Nexus, then the casemate protector, then the webcam. If I had allowed myself, I could’ve ended up with the Touch mouse as well, I was playing with it at Challenger. Then I looked for the new iPad and attempted to tell the difference between the 2 and the new (since I can’t call it the 3) – I couldn’t, despite having techcrunch reviews raving over it. I was too embarrassed to ask which was the 2 and which was the new, so I left shortly after.

Currently fiddling around with the Xoom (the Nexus and the Xoom now wear the same clothes – i thought it would be nice for some comformity) at Raffles City Starbucks, reading surfing and feeling very happy about today. One more weekend and school will start. Can’t wait for the June holidays to come already. Contemplates on Diablo 3 as well. I want to get back into computer games action – those mind blowing ones that allow me to show off the prowess of my self built PC and yet not make me want to throw up.

Shall do more research!

Chuck – all time fave.

I absolutely have no idea how I managed to survive the last few years missing out on this geeky gem.


Chuck Season 5

Thankfully, I started on this earlier this year (about 6 weeks ago), and caught up with the first 4 seasons straight. Yes it was a downright non-stop Chuck addiction and I couldn’t stop myself. It was insane – insanely good.

For the last few years, I found myself avoiding particular genres of drama serials – the procedural police cop ones, to the darker ones which people thought were good (e.g. Prison Break). They were a tad too dark for my liking, and I didn’t want to face darker materials, especially when I think (thought) that what with work, the brain deserves something a little lighter, fluffier. So I stuck to the chick flicks and the funny ones, even though some of them can get rather bad (cue 90210 and the later Gossip Girls seasons). I always thought Chuck belonged to the darker type (oh how wrong was I) and avoided it.

Until, Chuck had its final season finale (Season 5 episode 13) and I was reading the finale review on Tvline. That tinge of sadness, romance and chemistry, and at the end of the interview – when it said the show was fun, I thought to myself, I should give it a shot.

I did and now I am hopelessly addicted, torn about watching the final season, because it would mean no more Chuck and Sarah for me. I’ve never been much of a shipper, but the idea of Chuck and Sarah getting together has plagued me since the very start of Season 1. Fans of the show would desperately love for them to get together, and knowing the end just makes it a little more painful to watch. They did get married at the end of Season 4 (which is where I am currently at) but there’ll be a slight twist towards the end.

I’ve been in it for 78 episodes, and I’ve only got 13 left.

Tthe chemistry between Chuck (Zachery Levi – so hot and adorable!) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski – so hot!), the rest of the cast is amazing. I love to hear John Casey (Adam Baldwin) grunt, watch Morgan (Joshua Gomez) make a fool out of himself and cringe every time I watch Jeffster  (Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay) perform and sing. If it’s possible, I’ll probably buy the DVDs of all five seasons just for its special extras, and a loving act of supporting the show that has already ended its run. I even toyed with the idea of ordering from the Chuck NBC online store, just to get a shirt or two, in loving memory.

Chuck, is that good. Seasons 1 – 3 were really good, Season 4 got a little draggy but I am expecting it to return to how it used to be in Season 5. They all go out with a bang in their final season. I expect myself to go out in tears in the final episode, arm myself with boxes of tissues and surround myself with my softtoys and hopefully the boy, and cry my heart out when the curtains drop.

Chuck is my all time favourite show – for its spy geekness, for its adorable charm and humour, for its romance between the leads and the absolutely fun storylines that the characters go through, major or minor arcs. I don’t think I can ever find something similar to this. Ever.

I’ll miss you, Chuck. Sniffs.


When I have the kaching…

I will get (in order of importance):

1. Galaxy Nexus (omgwtfwhywaitsolong)

Image from

It’s been too long baby – you were originally supposed to come in Jan, but now Samsung says you will only arrive in Feb. I will continue to anticipate your arrival (while my dratted colleague has already rooted his phone to ICS)!

2. Sony Nex 7 / Canon G1X (it’s time for a replacement!)

Image from

Image from

It’s a toss up. I was eyeing the Nex 7 because the boy had his eyes on it first, then he went with the Sony A77. It would have been a shoo-in for the Nex 7, until Canon recently released its G1X, the successor to the Canon G12. My sister’s G12 is pretty good, and for a cheaper price and a very large/good sensor, I wouldn’t mind getting the G1x instead! Choices choices.

3. Ultrabook / Jh Customs

It’s honestly tough to choose between these two. The JH customs had never quite left my mind before – it’s tucked somewhere, far away in the depths of my mind, but it’s still there. The ultrabooks were THE thing to watch at CES 2012 this year, and my laptop is coming to 4 years old (it just turned 3 at the start of this year). It’s still functioning perfectly fine now, but whenever I read reports on the ultrabooks featured at CES, I can’t help but drool. I mean, look at this stuff!

Samsung Series 9 - Image from

ASUS UX21 - image from

Acer Aspire S - image from

All these gorgeous beauties – portable, lightweight and powerful. My Portege feels too shy to appear amongst all these ultra slim portable laptops.

And of course, the JH customs – the pair of customs that never fail to leave my mind. I actually called Jaben up last evening to ask about the prices from the JH11/JH13/JH16. It’s now or never – before I/We start paying for that heck of a flat we bought.

JH16 custom earphones - image from

Oh sigh. The heart skips a beat just looking at you.

December, the end of the end.

Before we all knew what hit us, December has dropped onto us.

The slogging through the entire year felt like eternity, but that trip to Melbourne (which I utterly loved) flew by in a flash. Didn’t they always say, painful times linger but good times roll by too quickly?

I guess that happened.

Many things happened since my last entry.

1. We finally chose our unit.

Lake Vista - Courtesy of DJ Property


Things are still up in the air, despite the fact that we’ve chosen the unit, and paid up 5% (oh woe me, broke girl) of the purchase price – we’re still awaiting the final final confirmation of signing the agreement before we can proudly announce the fact that we’re heavily in debt. It’s insanely scary, especially after you hear the price of our flat. Ask for details when we meet during December – I’m pretty sure I’ll see most of you this month. I will strive to see everyone this month.

2. Melbourne 2011

Ling & I had a terrific time in Melbourne. We went in, a little wary of one another, as we didn’t know each other’s travel habits. As it turned out, we went as good friends and came back as even better friends! Apparently, we can be pretty easy travel buddies, only if the other is an easy travel buddy as well. We shared the same bed for 5 nights and we didn’t kick each other off the bed. Also, we went on our separate ways for 2 days and we had fun going around ourselves too. It was really good fun, I must say.

Pictorial highlights will come when I finally lay my hands on Ling’s pictures as well. My camera has lost its charm over this trip – the colours did not turn out as good, despite the breathtaking scenery. Time to start looking and thinking of new cameras – probably the Sony Nex 7, considering that BX is in the Sony group and (oh!) I could technically get my cousin to help me get the Nex 7. The Nex 7 now may not look as pricey as it could be.


Can’t wait to see most of you this holidays, can’t wait to spend my holidays meaningfully. Time to master new (basic) skills, read more, watch more tv, listen to more music (and live music), sleep more, explore more cafes (and brunches), walk around Singapore and spend more time outdoors in the nature. Hopefully spend less money in the process (but it’s a tad hard, considering I’m eyeing a new phone – Galaxy Nexus, and a new camera – Nex 7!).

Not sure if I want 2012 to come any time soon. Time, please move slower!

Galaxy Nexus

This hot sexy baby is only coming to Singapore in January 2012.

Image from

Am officially sad. A little annoyed with self because I built myself into the excitement that it will launch in Singapore on 17 November, on par with Europe and Japan (while it being one week earlier than Verizon US). Now it will only come to Singapore shores January 2012.

I want you, so bad.

Contemplated the option of shipping it in from UK but the prices are insane. It will be ₤550, not inclusive of shipping and taxes. Way out of my budget – I’m trying to save, damnit! Besides, I would like to hold my telco ransom and demand they give me vouchers off my next recontract, since I’ve been staying with them for more than one year contract free.

Now I need to wait another 2 – 3 months. At this rate, the (hopefully Christmas present HINT HINT) Kindle Touch may just reach my hands earlier than this sexy baby.