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FAIL: Lunar Eclipse watching

It was supposed to be our maiden experience watching the Lunar Eclipse – the one that was the longest in the recent decade, and viewable from our sunny little island called Singapore.

BX morning-called me at 245am, picked me up at 3am and the plan was to park near Chinese Garden and walk to the cross junction where he would set up his camera and we’ll watch the lunar eclipse together. Alas, the weather didn’t seem to look very good and we saw flashes of lightning. So he mentioned that there was an event at the Science Centre tonight (Omni-Theatre actually) so he drove us there instead.

Our jaws dropped when we saw the huge number of cars parked at Omni-Theatre. There were cars parked along Jurong Town Hall road – we were one of them. No space in the carpark eh. There was at least 1000 people there, from the number tags I saw. Plenty of families were there, they came prepared with sheets and chairs. The geeks were there zealously protecting their telescopic equipment from the impending rain.

So we stayed. For about 20 minutes we gazed anxiously into the sky, checked our Google Sky Maps to determine the rough location of the Moon.

Then people started to move out of the compound. The next thing we knew, I felt raindrops.

We walked really quickly to the car, he with his camera, me with my precious Xoomie.

Now I am left with the option of watching it on Youtube. It is pretty cloudy in several other parts of the world, as mentioned in the live chat (which is getting majorly spammed).

So much for our maiden experience huh. Hurhur.


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Courtesy of

I got to try this gorgeous baby today in the office! Omggg. It’s truly gorgeous from built to finish. The interface is not too bad, but SH said it only has a battery life of 6 hours. Mehh.

Everything felt so right, sent shivers down the spine with the TF10s. Uhhh so good. It may actually make more sense to get this, than to get a JH13. Though can you imagine, JH13 with this? Ooh. I can hear more details (ooh gimme more more more!), more punch, more bass, more everything. Music sounds more full bodied, less flat than the iPod.

Makes me wonder if I can go back to listening to the measly iPod after this.

I’m going to pair it with the ESW10 later. That would be literally orgasmic. Imagine, the best portable headphones paired with one of the best music players on the market!

(Update: It is really (to the power of infinity) very good! I can’t tear my ears away from the pairing – but I’m afraid I’ll run the gorgeous baby out of juice by the end of the day – 6 hours only mah. And I’ve listened to it for the last 1 hour 20 minutes. Eeeeps. I am soooooooooooooooooooo tempted. Bloooody tempted. Damn!)

For $880 I get a player and a DAC. Hmmms. Ponders. My birthday is coming soon, and I’m tempted to get a present for self. However, I did buy the Xoom in May.

Speaking of my Xoomie – I downloaded the most awesome game yet – Riptide GP. The graphics, the feel of the entire game – it’s a racing game! Oh gosh so shiok – the graphics are astounding! The best $8 I’ve spent on an app thus far (my most expensive one too!)


This gorgeous little baby is mine! 

(Ardent) Singaporeans have waited long and hard for it – only to find its quiet announcement in Digital Life, a weekly staple for most geeks and nerds. More nerds actually. It was so quiet, it could have been easily missed! There was no announcement on the cover, but it took centrefold (if I didn’t remember wrongly as said paper is currently in the bin, somewhere) – but I literally squealed when I saw it in the papers and my heart stopped for that split second.

I’m not kidding.

So when I made my way down to Funan Challenger over the last long weekend (2 more long weekends to come!) to suss it out in person, there were only six pieces left over all Challenger outlets in Singapore. It made me wonder how many pieces Motorola brought in.

Six friggin pieces, you’d say. 3 of them were sold in the half hour I spent there, hopping from the Acer Iconia Tab A500 (which was 100 bucks cheaper but I really didn’t like its top and bottom silver bezel) to the Xoom.

Half hour later, and 3 last pieces to go – I bought the third last piece Challenger had. I reasoned to myself – if I chose to walk away that very day, and left Challenger empty handed, I’ll probably eventually not get it. However, I’ve been salivating over it since I watched its Superbowl advertisement:

I walked away $878 poorer, but a happier and easily excitable girl. My colleagues laughed at me for squealing in the office, but I don’t care. Honeycomb is truly gorgeous with tons of widgets to boot. The Xoom has fantastic technology specifications and running intensive graphic games are a breeze. The Honeycomb apps (like Pulse, CNN, Youtube) have amazing interfaces, making full use of the hardware provided, and capabilities of the software included.

I find myself ingesting more information by the minute, and deriving true pleasure out from the Xoom. I spend an hour in bed everyday now, playing with its interface, and reading information, watching videos in bed.

To put it plainly, Honeycomb and the Xoom is a nerd’s dream come true. It’s not one for the masses. The general masses don’t want to play and explore its adaptability – they just want to take it as it is. My Android boys in the office and I exchange information almost on a daily basis – on which apps allow us to modify the screens and homepages (2 Nexus Ones and 1 HTC Desire – rooted). They can’t wait to see the Xoom, and I can’t wait to bring it to the office, once I get the relevant accessories of course. The lack of full Honeycomb Apps is of course a drawback, but with more Honeycomb tablets coming up, I’m not worried about it staying the current status quo. Like the original Android market, it will grow and eventually blossom.

In the meantime, I’m thoroughly happy with Google, Motorola and Honeycomb.

Am I worried that I’ll never get updates? Not really. The Xoom is the world’s first Honeycomb tablet – it’s full Google with no Motorola overlay. Any updates to Honeycomb, the Xoom will get it first. So I know there are Motorola naysayers out there, but because it’s the first – nah, I’m not worried.

Yay Xoom!

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Audio Nirvana

Audio Nirvana

I miss dabbling with audio. As fate would bring me, SH recently received an amplifier for his birthday (and I convinced him to lend it to me for a day, just barely a few days after he got his amplifier – evil I know!) and I’m blessed enough to be able to enjoy it, amplifier, connector and all.

The full bodiedness the amplifer brought to the music took my breathe away, even though it is a mere basic connector from amp to source. The connector connects from amp to headphone out of my iPod Classic and it is still good enough to bring the music to yet another level. Of course, this is no ordinary amplifier – it’s a desktop amp with dedicated power source, so it doesn’t rely on the source to power the amplifier unlike portable amps. Of course, it also means that it is more deserving of better sources, for instance CDPs. Playing through it using the headphone jack of an iPod, I’d consider it as under utilising it, since the music is still playing through Apple’s soundboard in the iPod classic, instead of bypassing it. Perhaps I can convince him to play from the lineout instead, since he plays it from his iPad at home.

Been running through various genres of songs through the amp – first Mraz, now Lady Antebellum, probably Rent and Queen after this. It’d be interesting to see if it can elevate Glee songs as well.

The Westone 4 is out and I’m tempted to try it during the school holidays. I should, during one of the days.

I find myself moving to the music while blogging, and doing up my revision worksheets. It’s been a while since I really excited myself with music. I miss doing it.

/contented sigh.

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I really love the new layout!

Choco is so me – the orange and the brown, the leather bound edges that give the blog a leather journal feel.

I totally totally love this theme. I think I might be sticking with it for a while. Beams.

Wired, March 2011.

Wired, March 2011. Courtesy of

I can’t stop my love for overseas magazines – I think it’s going to be a permanent love. Just this morning, I subscribed to Wired – the international version. 12 issues for $70USD, which I think is pretty worth the while, especially since 1 Wired magazine in Singapore costs approximately $12.50 and I really liked the March issue. I can actually forsee myself hunting it down every month whenever I step into bookstores. So I subscribed to it online.

I’ve been contemplating about the New Yorker for a while. Perhaps I should continue to contemplate. I need to be able to read all of them, on top of my Kindle reads, before I can justify more purchases. Right now I’m falling behind my Time magazines.

I miss reading the Discovery channel magazine. :(


Total geek moment

when I realised that Gingerbread came to my phone and I was in school.

I squealed my neighbours down. My friend (who has a Nexus One) looked at me funnily and said, “Total nerd moment. I can’t believe you’re a girl!”

I’ve been whining day and night to him about Gingerbread. He laughed his head off, another friend laughed his head off.

Today, I had the last laugh. After I squealed like a mad cat, I said I’d update at home. He was bugging me to update it in school but I wanted to do it over wifi, which was not available in school. Can’t wait to go to school tomorrow to show him. Yayyyy!


2010 in Review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2010. That’s about 5 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 113 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 384 posts. There were 26 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 3mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was March 12th with 30 views. The most popular post that day was Thankful.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,, Google Reader,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for jh13, sweet caroline acapella, liao-zhai-rocks, timbre ecp, and jh13 pro.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Thankful March 2010


Beelzebubs – Sweet Caroline December 2009


JH13 Audio July 2009


Holidays: Day 18-21 June 2010


Casual relaxing weekend. October 2010

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Steam Sale.

The boyf alerted me to the sale on Steam a little late, with only 2 days left before school starts officially.

Not that my almost 5 year old PC can handle much of the recent games nowadays too. However, I bought approximately 30USD worth of games – it should last me till the next crazy sale Steam decides to have.

Also, it is officially the 2nd day of 2011! We spent the first day wandering around Vivocity and sitting at Starbucks for almost 2 hours, playing Game Dev Story on my phone. Had dinner at Capricci (OMG SO GOOOOD) and went home, for me to stay in bed to continue playing Game Dev Story in bed.

It is that good. :P

Running a little low on number of words because the mind is terribly distracted by the fact that my newly purchased games are downloading and installing themselves into the computer. Perhaps I should go check on their process.

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7 more days.

Technically, not counting today, that’s 7 more days to the start of school in 2011. The first week of school is already a 4 day week, not too bad a start to the new year. And then, 4 more weeks to Chinese New Year.

Time will fly again in 2011. Time always flies when you’re busy and before you know it, the year would have passed you again.

Christmas this year was really nice, we watched a movie (Gullivers’ Travels – please leave your brain at the door!) and jostled with crowds at Orchard Road, before going home in heavy rain. Surprisingly there were less crowds as compared to the days running up to Christmas. I think I was perpetually in town for the most of last week.

Let’s see – I was in town on Tuesday for Musee, Wednesday for Musee and Joanna Dong, Thursday for Roo (and her headphones and mattresses) and Friday for our lomantic dinner at Pierside.

Food at Pierside was not bad, but I’d think their ala carte menu (which I chose over the Christmas special) was better. Prices were reasonable for alacarte, but the minimum 3 course rule brought the prices up. Would love to go back and order a simple meal. BX paid $12 for parking at One Fullerton that evening and he was cursing about the jam that ran from Vivocity in direction of town until I reminded him if he’d rather jostle with the human crowds on the same day. Point taken, he said.

Post Christmas was fun, where we met his best friend + wife for brunch at Spruce (yay Spruce again!) and went to shop for bicycles after that, unsuccessfully I must add. Went back to BX’s place for a whole afternoon’s Settlers of Catan, where I came close to winning once! Almost! But it was really fun. Had pizza in the evening, and settled down for a movie on the sofa.

As we can all tell, I’ve been playing alot for the last week and I was pretty determined to enjoy myself before work begin again this week. Have been doing alot of thinking this holidays as well, and I think I’m going to process it more before I put it out as a protected entry before the holidays end.

Today was pretty nice, though the crowds in town were back in full force. Met Brandon for lunch at Astons Suntec where I lost a side of my earphone tips and became pretty grouchy, especially after the substandard service Astons gave me while I was waiting in queue. Moved on to Marina Square and Plaza Sing where we he shopped around for earphones and speakers, while I was just on a hunt for my TF10 tips.

Thankfully I found my tips at Stereo and I bought two pairs of Shure tips. The Shure tips brought a new dimension to the music – bass sounded tighter and more pronounced, the highs of the guitar strumming in Queen’s music was also clearer. Perhaps, losing the old generic UE tips was a blessing in disguise.

In the meantime, am going to finish the book I bought last week and settle in for bed. It will be a day of working at home tomorrow! I hope I can get things done. Hmmms.

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