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By an ex-school student (whom I didn’t teach before) when I was buying Krispy Kreme. She told an ex-student of mine and then he gleefully texted me.  I actually thought for a moment that he was there, but he couldn’t have – because had he been there, he would have made certain that the entire world knew that I was his teacher, and the entire world would know my surname. Perhaps, full name even.

Yes he is THAT loud.

The remaining conversation with said ex-student over whatsapp cheered me up, after a gloomy day in school.

Conversations with the League, the 3 girls and the ex-unit make me miss the people very much. That easy camaraderie we had and still have, the common interests that we shared and the intelligent conversations we could have with one another, together with the nonsensical silly ones that we would have as well.

After finishing reading the Ender’s Game yesterday, I wished I was going to see Tom today because I know I can go to him for anything sci-fi related – games, movies, books and anything under the sun. I wish I could talk to him about Papers Please because I’m on Day 2X and I want to bounce ideas and spoilers off people, without having to google for the answers myself.

Thank goodness I’m meeting them for dinner next Friday – though I have to get to JP in time for our late night Thor movie, which we have already booked tickets for.

Ender’s Game with the boy, Catching Fire with Roo. Reminder to self – reread The Hunger Game series before watching the movie.

Am currently halfway through Ender’s Shadow, because I read that the upcoming movie is not entirely out of the Ender’s Game itself. It merges details from both Game and Shadow because they run parallel to each other, just from different perspectives. Oddly, I’m enjoying Shadow more than Game – perhaps I can empathise with Bean more than Ender himself.

Will get back to reading, while waiting for the boy to turn up with dinner. I can’t wait to start the marathon of comedies tonight – I really need something funny to get over this extremely depressing day. Even Krispy Kreme couldn’t work its magic.



There’s this food blogger that I absolutely adore – maameemoomoo.

I’ve bookmarked so many of her recipes that I can’t wait to try. She seems to have an excellent parenting style that I would want to emulate when I have children in future, and a fantastic rapport with her kids. She travels and sees the world in different ways (when she can afford the time) – that’s something I’ve yet to put myself out there quite yet. Plus I think she’s pretty active. Loves her photography, loves her style of writing.

She’s like a role model that I would want myself to grow into – open to new things, adventurous and great parent, all rolled into one.

I haven’t had idols in a long time, and I’ve been long seeking a role model, somebody I can look up to, in terms of career and life. She reminds me of a person who I could be, who I want to be.

I always look forward to her blog entries – makes my day when there’s a new entry. :)


Came home dead beat, after spending a nice chill out afternoon with the POA colleagues and ex-colleague at The Rose Veranda, Shangri La.

It was really nice. Splendid environment, with delish good food for the afternoon. Spent too much time on transportation home though and took close to two hours to get home from Orchard Hotel. I blame the express bus that refused to come for a good half hour. The display board stubbornly showed 12 minutes (to arrival) and I naively chose to believe.

Eventually came home and started tidying up my GReader subscriptions. Oddly, most of them are dead links now and I didn’t realise that till I started the house keeping. Found some old links, like Roo’s London exchange blog! It was rather amusing. The Food tag is no longer just Food any more. It has been renamed to Arts Culture and Food. This way, it appears right at the top of the other subscriptions, above Education, Entertainment and Info Tech. All the other rubbish went into Randoms.


Clearing out is a therapeutic affair. Friend and I had a very good time clearing out our tables today, after we were done with the exam essentials (the likes of keying in marks, markers’ report, and ip evaluation). Z complained we girls made too much noise while clearing out our places. I had an easier time clearing, as compared to Friend – she had mountains to clear. I admit, I’m a neat freak at work. Close friends always try and cajole me to clean up after that.

I always reject sweetly. Hehe.


Here’s to a hopeful possibility that I go for a nice long walk/painfully slow jog around the Marina Bay area after the retreat tomorrow, before our site recce at Carlton. I need to work off the gluttony that began with the Restaurant Week weekend and ongoing gluttony with two high teas (one today) scheduled this week with the colleagues. I really should come up with an exercise plan for the holidays, and consider that gym membership again at Jurong Point, considering that I would pass by JP every time I go home next year onwards.

The new year is looking scary to me. Gulps.

7 May,

was the day I gasped at how my friend easily assisted me with my Photoshop problem, under 20 friggin minutes.

I have no clue how those Creatives do it. I’ve got to pick me up some Photoshop skills by the end of this year.

Lunch at Shu was great – with me bagging nuggets & fries from Macs (because my main chef has to work), Ling bringing her main chef and Shu as the lady of the house – we had tons of fun. We’ve come to the conclusion: the new age males are good chefs (like my boy, Ling’s boy and Tok) while the new age females may not cook as well. So we end up sitting pretty, wandering in and out of the kitchen while the new age male chefs frown at our inefficiency and attempt to get us to help prep ingredients.

Conclusion derived from the long weekend’s happenings, when we tried to cook at home Saturday evening, and this afternoon.

It was a very easy girls+Ling’s boy afternoon where we simply talked the day away, tried home-made icecream from Ling&DD’s ice cream making session at Tom’s Palette (delish!) and talked about boys woes (Shu’s).

Secondary school friends are really the closest friends you end up with, at the end of the day. I thoroughly concur.

I still marvel at how easy Ling & I got along for our Melbourne 2011 trip. It was truly a miracle that nobody expected.

Tazo & Cupcake!


The barista at Starbucks Cityhall thought it was an odd, but refreshing pairing.

He said, “The oddly perfect light pairing pre-dinner. Never seen this combo, never would’ve thought about it.

My response to him, “I had lunch at 11am, will have dinner at 8pm. It’s 6pm now, I can’t drink a frap or anything heavy!

He nodded in agreement.

It was almost like our little shared moment. He’s pretty charming, I must say.

Waiting to have dinner with Shu & Ling, with our companions in tow. Can’t wait for drinks & peking duck pizza at Substation!

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Determined to make today count.

Friday, 16 March 2012

A determination to make today count. It’s, technically, the last weekday of the March holidays.

Time simply flies too quickly when you’re having fun. Especially this one, where I made sure I worked hard and took time off for myself as well. The idea of work life balance is just featuring too much in my mind this year. It has to be meaningful work, meaning life balance at the same time. Determined to make every minute of my life count. Even allowing myself that extra minute of sleep, is considered “making it count”.

What’s life when you’re not happy?

Have been hankering after Kaiho at Cuppage for a while, after reading Camemberu’s entry on it. Went there for its set lunch today and was completely blown away. Absolutely completely. It’s crazy value for money, the quality and quantity – its omg delish. Made me a very very very happy person after lunch -the chirashi sushi lunch set was handsdown one of the best meals I’ve had for this year. In fact alot of my best meals have been coming from Cuppage this year. It’s a constantreminder to self to explore the lesser known places, despite it being so close to town.

Got my working shoes from Geox Centrepoint after that, my mind couldn’t get past the softness of the suede material and made up its own mind to get that pair of shoes to replace my very scruffed up Hush Puppies pair of simple black shoes. Was about to head to cityhall for a bout of coffee and reading, when I checked my work email (I swear, my fingers were just too itchy!) and saw the reminder of our virtual meeting on Saturday morning (IT taskforce – we were OK with hanging out on Hangout, instead of going back to school..). Then I realised that I didn’t have a webcam for my new PC so I detoured to Funan.

That was where I almost lost all control. First the screen protector for the Nexus, then the casemate protector, then the webcam. If I had allowed myself, I could’ve ended up with the Touch mouse as well, I was playing with it at Challenger. Then I looked for the new iPad and attempted to tell the difference between the 2 and the new (since I can’t call it the 3) – I couldn’t, despite having techcrunch reviews raving over it. I was too embarrassed to ask which was the 2 and which was the new, so I left shortly after.

Currently fiddling around with the Xoom (the Nexus and the Xoom now wear the same clothes – i thought it would be nice for some comformity) at Raffles City Starbucks, reading surfing and feeling very happy about today. One more weekend and school will start. Can’t wait for the June holidays to come already. Contemplates on Diablo 3 as well. I want to get back into computer games action – those mind blowing ones that allow me to show off the prowess of my self built PC and yet not make me want to throw up.

Shall do more research!

Many many happenings!

It feels like I’ve lost the touch to blog. I wonder if it’s from the lack of inspiration, or that we’re just moving on. People move into different phrases of life – perhaps I’m moving from blogging (almost) weekly in the past.

Many things have been happening though – despite the lack of updates.

For one, I’m (we’re) going Melbourne! Pictures of these flash before my mind:

The place I’ve always dreamed of visiting after seeing that one picture in Marianne Chong’s Geography textbook.

The Twelve Apostles -

Or glorious glorious brunch.

Glorious Brunch and the Melbourne Cafes -

Amongst many other things, I must say.

It’s going to be a rather short trip – I had wished for a longer holiday, but the airfares was not to our favour, not even the budget ones. Unless we count the problematic national carrier that has recently been making headlines for the wrong reasons. We were pretty lucky to snag those Emirates ones at 800ish per pax.

To top it off – I’m going with an artsy friend! The poor boy has to mind his final year very carefully and the original intention was to travel alone. Ling heard about the plans and wanted to join in for the first half – which turned out to be the whole trip. I’m sure we’ll split paths along the way somehow, but I guess it’ll be nice to have a companion for some part of the trip.

I absolutely can’t wait. Especially when the end is near (almost!) and the stress level hits a high with the year ending, students graduating and having more intensive lessons.

I’ll survive through this and make it to Melbourne one happy girl. I’m most likely to return next year with the boy – he wants to do a road trip (with sufficient coffee, sleep and minimal distractions i.e. I’m not supposed to wave my soft toys in front of him) in Australia. Plus, I am keen to return, and hopefully make it to Sydney this time.

Can’t wait. Meanwhile – it’s almost the end of Term 4 Week 1!


I miss eating cheesecakes.

Despite being a HUGE Starbucks fan, I think I’m going to stand by Coffee Bean’s cheesecakes. I love Starbuck’s apple crumble cheesecake, but it has been getting a tad sweet for my liking.

Coffee Bean’s chicago cheesecake is really yummy! :) So now I do work, and wait for BX to come. We’re going to gorge on icecream tonight. Yay to Udders icecream tonight!


Steam Sale.

The boyf alerted me to the sale on Steam a little late, with only 2 days left before school starts officially.

Not that my almost 5 year old PC can handle much of the recent games nowadays too. However, I bought approximately 30USD worth of games – it should last me till the next crazy sale Steam decides to have.

Also, it is officially the 2nd day of 2011! We spent the first day wandering around Vivocity and sitting at Starbucks for almost 2 hours, playing Game Dev Story on my phone. Had dinner at Capricci (OMG SO GOOOOD) and went home, for me to stay in bed to continue playing Game Dev Story in bed.

It is that good. :P

Running a little low on number of words because the mind is terribly distracted by the fact that my newly purchased games are downloading and installing themselves into the computer. Perhaps I should go check on their process.

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Activity of the day – Read.

Also known as, AOTD.

I couldn’t stop reading. And watching The Next Iron Chef Season 3.

Now all I can think of, are my reading goodies (thinks of the Time magazine, Fortune magazine and other readables on my bed) and food. Luscious luscious food. Chef Marc Forgione has made me crave so badly for classic American food, plus he is the new Iron Chef! His restaurant is a Michelin one star restaurant and the prices looked pretty reasonable! Plus I drooled at their brunch menu.

When I hit New York the next time, I am going to visit him, for sure. Plus he looks pretty cute, with his mohawk and all.

Credits to for the edgy chef's picture!

I need more food reality shows to last me till the return of Top Chef on Dec 1. It’s going to be the return of the favourite chefs, chefs who came so close but didn’t win in the end! After Top Chef Just Desserts ended its recent run, the only thing left is Hell’s Kitchen – where I watch incapable chef-wannabes bumble around in the kitchen and get yelled at by Gordon Ramsey. Compare that with skilled techniques from renowned chefs from USA – there’s really no comparison.

Plus I learnt something from watching The Next Iron Chef – pineapples are not meant to be cooked with meats, especially pork. The enzymes in the pineapple makes the meats mushy. So now, some food for thought for our chinese favourite dish – sweet sour pork when we usually see chunks of pineapple mixed together with the tangy sweet sourish sauce amidst our pork chunks. Hmmms. Maybe that is not the best combination after all!

See, I learn all sorts of random things while watching random tv!

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