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Wedding Prep #3



It feels absolutely amazing and exciting when you realise that you’re one of the two named couples, and that one half of the second couple who met with the photographers after us, is a good friend. I am excited that the photographers were happy that we wanted to sign with them, because it shows that they are as excited about our wedding, as much as we are excited about working with them.  According to G, the photographers were very happy after we left and when they went for their appointment at 830pm. I guess G and her fiance made them even more happy.

We knew what we wanted when we met with the photographers, and we really liked chatting with them. I adored the music they used in their videos and I’m really glad we chose to go with them!

One more down, I can’t remember how many more to go. I am really really happy and over the moon with our pick of photographers.

I really cannot wait for next year to come. Hurry, 2014!

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Wedding Prep #2

I can’t remember if there was ever a Wedding Prep #1. I’ll probably have to search around the entries done up earlier this year, which is not too difficult, considering the number of entries I’ve written since the start of this year.

We just bought the next big wedding item – the bridal package.

As most of you (of what’s left, reading) would/should know by now – we’ve booked our wedding venue right at the beginning of this year with Grand Park City Hall. We took it because we really liked the ballroom and the fact that there is only one ballroom. All the parking space will be ours, and nobody can get lost. We also really liked our wedding coordinator, Christina. Sadly, we received news recently that she was leaving Grand Park, so I hope the new coordinator would be good, and nice. We really hit it off well with Christina when we first met her at BOWS last year.

So after booking the wedding venue, we actually stopped wedding prep for a very long time. I never quite looked at bridal packages, except for a period of time last year when I was researching on hotels as well. Subsequently, we thought about going in an alternative direction with bridal gowns and photography, so the boy and I did our own separate research, his on photography and mine on gowns. I must admit, he did his part, while I languished behind in my small little world.

I’ve never been the little girl who wondered what her bridal gown would look like. The whole “wedding big day” idea has never really crossed my mind – I’ve never quite dreamt about it. I do know what I would like the bridal gown to be – timeless and classic. I’ve been rather enamoured by Ivanka Trump’s wedding gown in 2009, where she requested Vera Wang to design an updated version of Grace Kelly’s classic wedding dress.

I really really love the dresses. The minute I saw her dress, I knew that hopefully, eventually my wedding dress would bore some likeness to Ivanka’s modern version.

Another ideal example would be Kate Middleton’s dress – also inspired by Grace Kelly.


None of those big ball gowns that can make me keel over please. Soft, simple and classic.

After all this rambling, the point of this entry is – we bought the bridal package.

We truly didn’t mean to buy it this weekend. The boy heard (he knew and I didn’t. gasp!) that there was a bridal showcase at Vivocity this weekend and we thought we could check it out while watching Fast and Furious at the same time. (4th summer movie for the 4th consecutive weekend – let’s go summer movies!) The plan was to watch our movie, get dinner, get the boy’s mum’s birthday present, and then finally check out the bridal showcase.

Before we stepped into the area (we were consciously avoiding the centre area for fear of dragged into situations we couldn’t get out of), we reminded ourselves that we weren’t gonna sign any packages tonight. So one guy moved towards us and we listened to him politely. On hindsight, the boy said I was rather blunt – I told the sales guy I hate it when people hard sell their products and I would resist even more. I thought I was just being truthful.

Anyway, the minute we sat down at the table, two familiar brands popped out at me – Z Weddings and Chris Ling photography. If I had all the money in the world, I’ll take a made-to-measure bridal package from Amanda Lee/Ted Wu and  pre-wedding photography from Chris Ling. So when I saw those names, I actually thought we could listen to them. We had a very polite Taiwanese lady, Maggie, who explained everything in detail. I was still very blunt – I told her I don’t like act-cute Taiwanese photography so please don’t sell me on those. If she was taken aback by my bluntness, she definitely didn’t show it.

Truth be told, after we looked at the package prices and the items included, we thought it was pretty value for money. I’m pretty sure there were cheaper ones out there, but if I was going to get Chris Ling photography for such prices, I think it would be worth the money. My only concern (still a concern) is the bridal studio. They’ve had a bad rep in the last couple of years but I read that management has changed and things have been improving. In fact, the package we got was a lot more than what some of the other girls got (I checked the forums). Apparently Z Weddings usually doesn’t entertain bargaining, but Maggie actually gave us quite a fair bit of stuff without us bargaining for it. We also had the luxury of chatting with Chris Ling the photographer himself, and he threw in a few more photos of us for free (partly because I professed a love for his works in an earlier conversation). We’ve got Grace as our coordinator and she seemed really pleasant and nice, plus good rep in the bridal forums.

The final concern – the wedding gown. I know I said I’ve never imagined how my gown would look like, but I think it’ll be absolutely gorgeous if it can look like Ivanka Trump or Kate Middleton’s gowns. Z Wedding doesn’t seem to have gowns like that in their past series. I really really hope that the ideal gown will pop up some time between this year and next year, right in time for the wedding next year end.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

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