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Chuck – all time fave.

I absolutely have no idea how I managed to survive the last few years missing out on this geeky gem.


Chuck Season 5

Thankfully, I started on this earlier this year (about 6 weeks ago), and caught up with the first 4 seasons straight. Yes it was a downright non-stop Chuck addiction and I couldn’t stop myself. It was insane – insanely good.

For the last few years, I found myself avoiding particular genres of drama serials – the procedural police cop ones, to the darker ones which people thought were good (e.g. Prison Break). They were a tad too dark for my liking, and I didn’t want to face darker materials, especially when I think (thought) that what with work, the brain deserves something a little lighter, fluffier. So I stuck to the chick flicks and the funny ones, even though some of them can get rather bad (cue 90210 and the later Gossip Girls seasons). I always thought Chuck belonged to the darker type (oh how wrong was I) and avoided it.

Until, Chuck had its final season finale (Season 5 episode 13) and I was reading the finale review on Tvline. That tinge of sadness, romance and chemistry, and at the end of the interview – when it said the show was fun, I thought to myself, I should give it a shot.

I did and now I am hopelessly addicted, torn about watching the final season, because it would mean no more Chuck and Sarah for me. I’ve never been much of a shipper, but the idea of Chuck and Sarah getting together has plagued me since the very start of Season 1. Fans of the show would desperately love for them to get together, and knowing the end just makes it a little more painful to watch. They did get married at the end of Season 4 (which is where I am currently at) but there’ll be a slight twist towards the end.

I’ve been in it for 78 episodes, and I’ve only got 13 left.

Tthe chemistry between Chuck (Zachery Levi – so hot and adorable!) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski – so hot!), the rest of the cast is amazing. I love to hear John Casey (Adam Baldwin) grunt, watch Morgan (Joshua Gomez) make a fool out of himself and cringe every time I watch Jeffster  (Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay) perform and sing. If it’s possible, I’ll probably buy the DVDs of all five seasons just for its special extras, and a loving act of supporting the show that has already ended its run. I even toyed with the idea of ordering from the Chuck NBC online store, just to get a shirt or two, in loving memory.

Chuck, is that good. Seasons 1 – 3 were really good, Season 4 got a little draggy but I am expecting it to return to how it used to be in Season 5. They all go out with a bang in their final season. I expect myself to go out in tears in the final episode, arm myself with boxes of tissues and surround myself with my softtoys and hopefully the boy, and cry my heart out when the curtains drop.

Chuck is my all time favourite show – for its spy geekness, for its adorable charm and humour, for its romance between the leads and the absolutely fun storylines that the characters go through, major or minor arcs. I don’t think I can ever find something similar to this. Ever.

I’ll miss you, Chuck. Sniffs.