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L’s ROM.

Twelve of my favourite shots. 

I’m actually very happy with myself – the final shots and the post-editing process. I thought about how the photos needed to be processed, thought about how the colours should look. As it turns out, the couple loved the pictures. I loved having close friends love the pictures – especially when L’s a designer and has the eye for photography as well. 

This makes me crave for new lenses – and the boy surprised me tonight with a 35mm f1.8 lens. Super sweet. :)

The boy and I make an awesome team! 

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Wedding Prep #3



It feels absolutely amazing and exciting when you realise that you’re one of the two named couples, and that one half of the second couple who met with the photographers after us, is a good friend. I am excited that the photographers were happy that we wanted to sign with them, because it shows that they are as excited about our wedding, as much as we are excited about working with them.  According to G, the photographers were very happy after we left and when they went for their appointment at 830pm. I guess G and her fiance made them even more happy.

We knew what we wanted when we met with the photographers, and we really liked chatting with them. I adored the music they used in their videos and I’m really glad we chose to go with them!

One more down, I can’t remember how many more to go. I am really really happy and over the moon with our pick of photographers.

I really cannot wait for next year to come. Hurry, 2014!

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