About the Author

The author reading.

I’m an educator living in Singapore, who is highly into the arts and the technology. Not so much a science person, but I cannot live without my computer, my Internet, my beloved Nexus and my Kindle. Reads too much junk for my own good, but loves the occasional quality read. Surfs too much Internet for my own good, but derives pleasure out of reading informative articles, especially technology/gadget ones and entertainment reads. Watches too much teevee (especially quality reality shows!), movies, productions and musicals for her own broke wallet, but enjoys the post-watching discussion of such.

Who doesn’t love entertainment?

When I’m not working to mould the future of our nation, I love to lie in with my Kindle (or a good old fashioned book) and listen to high quality audio coming from my earphones and speakers. Spends too much time with her beloveds, loves to spend even more time on myself.

I like to spend time with myself, wandering the roads of Singapore. Odd, but I like.

Am terribly interested in the idea of social media and how it affects education in general. Loves to pursue the road of integrating technology with education, only if our local education landscape would allow it.

The future – I don’t know how it will pan out but I know it is looking pretty bright to me.


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