7 May,

was the day I gasped at how my friend easily assisted me with my Photoshop problem, under 20 friggin minutes.

I have no clue how those Creatives do it. I’ve got to pick me up some Photoshop skills by the end of this year.

Lunch at Shu was great – with me bagging nuggets & fries from Macs (because my main chef has to work), Ling bringing her main chef and Shu as the lady of the house – we had tons of fun. We’ve come to the conclusion: the new age males are good chefs (like my boy, Ling’s boy and Tok) while the new age females may not cook as well. So we end up sitting pretty, wandering in and out of the kitchen while the new age male chefs frown at our inefficiency and attempt to get us to help prep ingredients.

Conclusion derived from the long weekend’s happenings, when we tried to cook at home Saturday evening, and this afternoon.

It was a very easy girls+Ling’s boy afternoon where we simply talked the day away, tried home-made icecream from Ling&DD’s ice cream making session at Tom’s Palette (delish!) and talked about boys woes (Shu’s).

Secondary school friends are really the closest friends you end up with, at the end of the day. I thoroughly concur.

I still marvel at how easy Ling & I got along for our Melbourne 2011 trip. It was truly a miracle that nobody expected.


One thought on “7 May,

  1. bpdox says:

    To be honest, my food usually looks a lot better than it tastes

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