A first.

At the specialist centre, with a referral.

I really don’t like how the body has been breaking down one too many times this year.

This time, it was the ears. To be more specific, the right ear.

So, all sorts of tests were done on my ears and I particularly took delight in the audio test – I think it had more to do with putting on the headphones and testing if I could hear the different frequencies in both ears. It’s the audio geek in me, I swear.

Also a first, getting examined by medical students. It was a rather interesting experience, watching the medical student rack her brain thinking of all possible questions she could ask me, before she presented my case to her supervisor (i.e. my doctor). She was definitely nervous, and she definitely was the extremely studious sort.

As she sat in front of me asking all sorts of questions, I tried to imagine my doctor friends in that position, knowing full well that they’ve done something similar before. It warmed my heart a little, oddly – while I obliged to be the case for the medical student and tried to give her as many details as possible. Felt like I was doing my part to help them, indirectly of course.

Age is catching up with us – the second last time I saw my GP, he was subbed by a doctor who was probably just a few years older than me. Reminded me of WH actually, and we had a good chat about Gravity before we went on to talk about my ear condition (he asked if I was recently exposed to loud noises and I wondered out loud if Gravity had any loud explosive scenes and he answered my aloud question for me. As it turned out, we both watched the movie on Hari Raya Haji.)

One day I’m gonna walk into a clinic, and have an acquaintance smile back at me. We probably would’ve went to school together a long time ago, we’ll try and put faces to names and we’ll probably ask which classes we went to, or try and catch up awkwardly – but it’ll eventually become a doctor-patient relationship, if such scenarios ever happen.

Taking the time now to check out the new Starbucks at Metropolis – it’s really cosy and nice. However, it bears the same problem as the Starbucks @ Rochester – its overwhelmed with students from the neighbouring schools, one in particular. It’s really nicer when there’s less people.


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