Screaming muscles.

My muscles are going to scream tomorrow. That, I’m pretty sure.

I like my Wednesdays’ routine – breakfast, prep to leave house for gym, gym, lunch, coffee, work – wait for the boy to be done with work, dinner.

Today I attempted the following at gym: bodypump express + hardcore + zumba.

I swear, my limbs felt like dropping off during zumba when we had to swing our arms in the air. I almost wanted to walk out of hardcore, then I looked at the clock and reminded self that hardcore was only 30 minutes long. Instructor almost thought I was no novice to hardcore, until he suddenly remembered I ran out of class immediately after intro to bodypump last week. The look of recognition on his face when it dawned upon him, was amusing. Had a good chat with the zumba instructor post session – she teaches salsa professionally in the evenings! Hence she’s teaching zumba fitness classes in the day, and she just started. She did divulge that she’s considering moving to the US for more opportunities as a dancer. I really like her sessions – am going to miss it when school starts!

My muscles are going to scream tomorrow. That sentence can’t leave my head.

Am still very cautious about the whole gym idea – I don’t know how I can sustain it during school term and I have to find some way to do it. My mum is amused – she asked me to buy a second sports bra (to counter the whole ohmigod I need to wash the sports bra tonight so that I can wear it for tomorrow morning’s session) and I’m hesitant. I don’t know why I’m being hesitant but I am just being extremely cautious. I don’t want to start buying attire and I don’t sustain it in the future. For now, any old clothes + the ff attire would suffice. I actually quite like the ff shit, but I prefer my own fbt shorts, have got more than enough for that.

I’ll consider getting a second sports bra.

It’s been a productive wednesday, as compared to monday and tuesday. I was behaving like an absolute sloth on both days. This means I’ve got to get out of the house to avoid slot-like behaviour.  This means I have to spend more money. Not the best thing, but if it gets me to be more productive, perhaps.

The holidays have officially moved into double digit december. Am already starting to feel the shit-my-holidays-are-ending emotions. Need to get out more.

Self, stop being a sloth and spend 75% of the day in bed.

Get up, get out and get moving.


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