Amazing first day of March.

And we all thought I was gonna spend it a sad and lonely girl.

Well after the previous sad entry, I reached out to two friends and asked if they were interested in joining me to check out MAAD and/or the Barbershop at Timbre. Both friends turned me down kindly, for various reasons. To be honest, I was pretty dejected for a while (while feeling even sadder for self) and I was pretty sure I would go home, have a nice nap in the afternoon and read/mark the evening away.

The boy then texted at about 5pm yesterday, saying that he managed to apply for a day off and he said I had to have dinner with him since he was booking out that night. The sweet sweet boy saw my sad little entry here and decided he’ll try his best to come out and spend the day with me! Complete turnaround of events omg!

With the last minute availability – we made it a point to spend it very well.

We hit Regent for a spot of afternoon high tea (which was so soothing and calming we both felt like sleeping after a while), went to Kino to browse magazines and then headed down for MAAD at Red Dot.

MAAD this month was of a smaller scale, but there were nice new finds! Bought myself earrings and had a good chat with the maker (on how this will just stay a hobby, and she was still a student, and it’s her third time here). Then I was humoured by a teaching comment on a printed shirt, and started chatting with the owner of the stall. As it turns out, he was an ex-teacher, left after 4 years and started his own business. We hit it off really well, and he thought I was an English teacher (see I really should be teaching EL!). The conversation went on for a while (oh the ranting all came out – I was ranting to a stranger, omg. Roo I really need to meet up with you soon. :/ ) before we left the stall. Shortly after, he ran after us and he passed me his business card, if I were to ever consider leaving the service. A small, but good, opportunity came my way this evening!

We ended off the walkaround MAAD by sharing a Mojito Ice Candy from Stoone Ice Candy and it was uber shiok (given the really hot and humid weather recently). We then decided to try our luck for dinner at Tori King since we were already in the Tanjong Pagar area. We queued for an hour, ate for 15 minutes and decided that we still prefered Nantsuttei at Millenia Walk. At least now we’ll never need to queue for a minute longer at Tori King. I was amazed at how I managed to stand in line for 45 minutes (the boy made me sit down for the first 15 minutes) and didn’t turn grouchy with my tiredness setting in.

It was a really splendid day with the boy out on a weekday. It felt really really nice.

Now I should really turn in, considering there’s still that donation drive happening tomorrow morning. I have armed myself with recycling bags for the kids, and my camera to capture the moments. I wonder how my kids would respond to the camera. Hmmms.

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